Top 9 Holiday Fitness Gifts for a Healthy 2009

If you've hit a wall and can't
figure out what to get that "hard to buy for" person in your life...I
think I can help.  Why not give them the gift of fitness? 

I mean, who DOESN'T want to look and perform better?  Now, I am not talking about some whiz bang
gizmo that will do nothing but waste your money…I am talking some really cool
ideas that will bring big smiles and great results this holiday season.


Here are the Top 9 Holiday Gifts that will help keep your
family and friends healthy, fit and fat free for 2009:


1.) A Foam Roller


If you’re like most, you are super busy now days.  When you aren’t running errands, you’re
hunched over a desk, slumped in front of the TV, chasing down the kids…or
you’re doing something else. 


So who has time for proper and safe stretching every day?


That’s when you grab for the foam roller.  It’s an amazing little self-massage tool that
will immediately help you loosen tight muscles, improve movement and reduce the
chance for injury.  It’s perfect for a
quick 5 minute post-workout routine to start the muscle healing process from
that intense interval training you do (or should be doing to lose body fat).
Plus, the roller kneads and lengthens your muscles to alleviate nagging aches
in your upper body, back, legs, hips, arms and shoulders.


2.) Resistance Bands


By far, the most convenient and affordable training
equipment option for most fitness enthusiasts, beginners or experienced


Portability for awesome workouts and versatility for fun
workout variety…enough said, right?  If
you’re a busy parent, grab one and get a quick routine right in your own
home.  If you need more or less
resistance, bands are available in different sizes.  What could be easier? 


3.) Gift Card to Sporting Goods Supply Store (Fitness Equipment/Apparel


This is an easy one. 
Swing into Sports Authority, Sports Chalet, etc and pick up a gift card
in most any denomination.  This is
awesome, because now the recipient gets to choose the right color, right size
and the right item.  Perfect!


4.) Gift Card to Health Food Store (Whole Foods, Trader
Joes, Sprouts, etc.)


Everyone has to buy groceries, so why help them make
healthier food choices?  Of course,
nutritionally supportive food is critical to any healthy lifestyle and this is
a great place to start. 


5.) Spa/Massage Therapist Gift Card


Most of us are super busy and so tense from the hustle of
day to day life, we sometimes forget to stop take a break…and feel the healing
power of a massage!  Although we already
talked about the amazing benefits a foam roller will provide, but nothing
replaces a day in the hands of a trained masseuse.


6.) Supplements That Actually Work: Quality Protein, Fish
Oil, Multi-Vitamins


There are so many “wonder” products for nutrition, it is
downright confusing…so let’s narrow it down to few key ones that provide proven


Quality protein powder can provide a quick fix on the go, a
nutritionally balance supplement to any healthy diet, especially after a high
intensity interval workout. 


Fish oil (or more accurately described as an EFA ‘essential
fatty acid’ supplement) is paramount to giving your body the proper amount of
omega 3’s to maximize your overall health, fitness ability and body healing and
recovery.  Another thing, you should also
look for “krill oil”, which has been shown to provide the most effective dosing
of EFAs.


A high quality multi-vitamin provides the right balance of
nutrients a lot of us typically lack. 
Since nobody’s dietary intake is PERFECT, we can all benefit from a good
vitamin.  Here’s the catch…you need to
make sure it is made from whole foods, not synthetic material and be certain it
is made specifically for your gender.


7.) Sport Specific Gifts


Simple stuff here…you have a baseball player on your
list.  They might really love a new bat
or set of batting gloves.  Football fan
who loves the New York Jets? A new Brett Favre jersey might be the ticket.  Steeler’s fan (like me) on your list?  A snazzy new t-shirt might just be the
winning idea. Even something as inexpensive as a team keychain can be a very
cool gift.


8.) Fitness Book or Sport Magazine Subscription


Men’s Health or Women’s Health magazines are great
choices…and the fitness book list is virtually endless.  Pick a topic, pick a sport, pick an activity,
pick a player…there are a ton of books available.  Hit your local bookstore or online site like
Amazon.  Again, you can’t lose.


9.) A Gift Card to a Fitness Boot Camp


This is by far the most exciting, fun and motivating workout
environment for beginners to avid fitness enthusiasts.  Because boot camp workouts allow participants
to excel at their own pace under the guidance of a personal trainer in a group
setting, this is an excellent investment for anyone looking to jump start their
training or try something new. 


Plus, look for camps to be confident enough in their
programs to offer free trials or money back guarantee for all newcomers. If the
program is a good fit, you’re likely to continue the program and see great


So join a camp with a friend or family member, or simply
pick up the tab for a loved one.  It’s a
heck of a lot cheaper than hiring a trainer for 1-on-1 sessions, and the it’s a
lot more fun too.

Trust me when I say that boot camp workouts, regardless of
your current fitness abilityFree Articles, can change the way you look at effective exercise
and will have you and your loved ones feeling slimmer and stronger in 2009.


Have an amazing holiday and happy New Year everyone!


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