The Secret – A Matter Of Moving

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As many times as I've changed residences, moved fromone state to another, even moved from country tocountry, I've been filled with a mixture ofapprehension and excitement.

For many of us, just moving from day to day, month tomonth or year to year creates a similar anxiety or asubtle excitement. It doesn't matter whether we move intime or we move in space, there is one constant --change.

It seems a contradiction to say that the only permanentthing we encounter in our daily lives is change, butchange is what it's all about.

The process of growing from a child into a teenager andthen into an adult is one that's constantly filled withchange. There is an urge written deep within us, in ourvery genes and spirit, to grow and change and becomethe best we can.

Sometimes the urge is buried under tons of daily woesor in the joys of the moment, but it is there,nevertheless. Many of us fear change because we arefearful of the unknown.

My old friend, Deepak Chopra, once told me that it isnot the unknown we should be afraid of, but, instead,the known. The unknown is what will become the known aswe pour our hearts and minds into it. I go a stepfurther and say we should not fear either the known orthe unknown.

Whatever appears to be happening to us now, whateverthe future seems to hold for us, we must remember thatwe have the power to change everything in our lives bya simple stroke of genius -- changing the way we lookat things and, more important, changing the way we feelabout things.

Reality is actually the interpretation of a point ofview. If we do not like what seems to be our lot inlife, we have but to change the way we look at our lifeand we'll change outcomes. I do not know why or howthis happens. It might even be a mystical law. But thisI know, throughout the centuries, the sages of allcultures have said, "Change your mind and you changeyour world."

For all of us, the arrival of a new year is just aroundthe corner. It is a good time to review the events ofthe past year without dwelling on them. It is a bettertime to look forward into the newness of that which isto come and resolve to do the best you can with whatyou have.

The laws of the Universe may seem complex, but I havethe feeling that is because we tend to want to analyzethose laws and figure why they work. I believe it ismuch better to use those laws for our benefit and thegood of all people.

This is a thought and belief world. Whatever we think,if we believe it strongly enough, it will become partand parcel of our lives. Some of you may say to me,"That's all well and good, John, but it's not easy tochange your thoughts and your beliefs."

I agree wholeheartedly. It is not easy, but it'ssimple. Realize that you are NOT your thoughts. Youonly THINK your thoughts. They are yours and if theyare yours, you can do with them whatever you want. Manytimes we let our thoughts scare us. It's as if ourthoughts think US instead of the other way around.

And as to your beliefs, all you have to do is examinethem and ask yourself why you believe what you believe.You may be amazed to find that your beliefs have heldyou captive all these years. Perhaps those beliefs werenecessary at one time, but you may have outgrown them.Examine what you believe about money, health orrelationships and ask yourself why you believe that.

Change your beliefs about the world and circumstancesand you'll change your thoughts about life and how itworks. If you suffer from lack, start changing yourbelief about money into one of abundance and affluence.

If you are experiencing illness, look at your beliefsabout health and change them into wellness andwell-being. And if you have poor, or non-existentrelationships, change your beliefs into those offeeling loved and worthy of all good things.

Life is a process of change. Change is what brings usprogress. Welcome change and the unknown. Let every daybe the start of a new adventure. Go into the new week,the new year with a new you. Remember that you are abeautiful child of the Universe and the Universe willtake good care of you if you believeFree Reprint Articles, trust and expect.

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