The History Of Spiritual Alchemy


A person who is seeking the path of the divine through a means of
experimenting, is known as a spiritual alchemist. This Journey could
take an entire lifetime. The biggest practice that they incorporate is
meditation. The main focus of spiritual alchemy itself is to find the
inner voice and follow it.

Controversy is heavy when it comes to this subject. It may be the reason
for modern chemistry as we know it. Some find that to be an argument in
itself as well. It is believed that alchemists may have actually sought
after the philosophers stone tat was mentioned in several myths. This
stone was supposed to be able to allow an alchemist to turn any metal to

It was a Mystical practice which, because of the attitude of what passed
by the Churches, would have resulted some practitioners being burned at
the stake, or something similar, had they been caught. The basis of
alchemy can be found in allegory and before you can truly understand
alchemy you must figure this out.

The experiments that occurred were a valuable part of the scientific
processes to follow, likely dangerous too. The observations that were
made would have led the experimenters to form a hypothesis about the
nature of the material they using, which were tested and lead
understanding the true nature of it. Chemical reactions dont normally
happen by full moon alone or by spells. There needs to be an experiment.

It has been suggested that alchemy became an adventure to change the
actual personality of the experimenter. They may have been doing this
through hard work and educating themselves, rather than transmuting
metals. This would make it seems that the improvement of the alchemists
soul was the true goal. Perhaps they changed society by providing useful
products, like medicine.

Sometimes when we dont completely understand how something works, we
tend to give a mythical explanation. Some would argue that to fill these
gaps with something supernatural is just pure laziness on the
researchers part.

It really is considered that it likely had some sort of hand in the
actual formation the the Freemasons. Just about all American residents
take proof of the Freemasons with them each day. This substantiation
will be found on the dollar. The eye retains fantastic value to
freemasonry. The eye itself is positioned on an incomplete pyramid. You
can outline this pyramid after which it pull another upside down on the
pyramid. You will create a six pointed star. There are five points that
touch a letter. These letters appear to spell mason.

On earlier versions of the dollar, an alchemy symbol was present. This
image was a T that surpassed into an S. Spiritual alchemy had been
designed to help you discover the divine in yourself through unique self
trials. The path to the great divine has been chased in several means
and such a alchemy is only one of many ways folks have considered to
achieve it.
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