The 3 Best Kept Secrets of the Top Fitness DVDs

Have you ever wondered how your friend has achieved such an amazing body when she says she only works out at home? What’s her secret? How could she reach that kind of fitness level without a personal trainer?  The secret is that she’s using one of the top fitness DVDs, and they have their own secrets. The world has changed. Getting into celebrity shape does not require relocation to Los Angeles or half of your yearly income. Statistics show that more and more people are willing to take their fitness into their own hands, and start working out at home. But not all home routines are created equal, so what is it about your friend’s routine that has given her such amazing results? Let’s learn a little more about the secrets of these programs.

Secret #1: Engaging Music

Music has been proven to have a substantial affect on your endorphin levels, which in turn make you happy, which in turn keeps you moving. The top fitness DVDs take it a step further than that. They know how to incorporate the kind of music that is relevant to today, so it sounds familiar instead of strange and out of place. They even know exactly what sorts of workouts to put it with. Basically, you can mix the kind of popular music you’re familiar with into your routine so you’re comfortable and having fun. Wow, where did all of those extra calories go while I was having so much fun?

Secret: #2: Trainers as Role Models

You’re probably aware of the most familiar faces in exercise, and that’s important to some people; mostly because it’s a face that they know and trust. But whether you know the trainer beforehand or not, it’s important that your DVD trainer is someone you can trust and look up to. Yes, think of them as those sports legends of your childhood. Even though you’re not a child anymore, a trainer as a role model is important to your fitness success. You’ll feel more motivated when you feel like they’re practicing what they preach, and that they have physical results to prove it. The top exercise videos provide trainers that you can have fun with and strive to be like.

Secret #3: Challenging and Achievable Routines 

You’ve probably wondered how someone could stick to any workout if they’re doing easy routines, and they’re doing them everyday. You’re right to wonder, because the truth is, they don’t. The secret of the top fitness DVDs is to include challenging moves and several options. In these programs, trainers present exercises that are reachable but challenging, and that keeps you engaged. A trainer might present a difficult position to hold, usually with several variations. They’re doing that so that you know you have a goal to reach, and that keeps you tuning in. NextPsychology Articles, they mix it up. The best workouts require you to get new muscles firing. You aren’t going to see the results you want or have the motivation you need if you’re consistently doing the same thing. The best trainers know the secret to long-term success is in mentally and physically challenging you with these methods.


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