Tantra Yoga

Unlike most spiritual paths which consider the world a place of transition or suffering, a reality meant for testing the human being and which is an illusion (Maya in Sanskrit), Tantra sees reality as a source of power and as a part of the divine consciousness itself. Ultimately Tantric teachings say that The Ultimate reality (also called Shiva) and Shakti are one and the same thing.

Because of this approach and deep understanding, the Tantric teachings cover much of nature and it's forces/energies and even more importantly the forces and energies which govern and drive the human being. This study can be found in the traditional Tantric texts (ancient texts from India called the Agamas). There you can see that Tantra explores fascinating fields such as: Astronomy, Astrology, The science of colours and sounds, sacred dance, architecture, alternative therapies, spiritual realization, Kundalini, Chakras and much more.

Among all these fields of interest and mastery, the Tantrics also discovered the most powerful energy in creation and therefore in the human being – the sexual energy. The sexual energy can be seen in action at every level of reality, from the tiny Atom to the largest galaxy. And in the human being this energy, the Tantrics realized, is responsible for the spiritual evolution.

From this Tantra comes with revolutionary teachings about sex and spirituality. Tantra discovered that sexuality can be transformed (through special Tantric techniques and training) into a spiritual act, a conscious powerful act that can set the human being free and bring spiritual evolution and even spiritual realization.

The science of Tantra Yoga brings to the human being happiness, fulfilment and pleasure beyond belief. Through Tantric lovemaking, human beings can heal themselves miraculously and reach the most amazing multi - orgasmic pleasures and ascend to unparalleled spiritual heights.

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