Spiritual Skepticisms

As we traverse this spiritual journey there are several skills that we
must incorporate into our repatare of spiritual beliefs if we are to
grow on the spiritual path. I think that the most important is the
balance we have between the esoteric and the "real" world. This
balance is often called "Being Grounded." What does that really mean?
I think it is being involved in the physical world and taking the
teachings one learns from the esoteric into the physical world and
manifesting them. How does one do this? I think starting with putting
spiritual knowledge to work in our families, then our work, physical
exercise, eating healthy foods, and just plain laughter and fun. If one
spends time each day in prayer and mediation one will find that
balance. This balance is really important as other wise we may fall
under the egos wants, or our wishes and desires, or our fears. Many
people who first traverse the spiritual path get lost in these things.
They loss perspective of the reasons they are going each day to the
spiritual plane is to better live on the physical plane.
When we are in this balance or being grounded we are less likely to
fall prey to flights of fantasy.

When embarking on a spiritual journey people need some just plain good

old common sense. In exploring the many subjects of the esoteric
realm one can lose perspective. It is always a good idea to keep a

skeptical attitude toward some of the things that are presented to us.

The internet is always presenting a new theology or a new way to

magically have the life you want.

So investigate, think on these things, meditate, pray ask the angels
and your Higher Power what is real, what is for you.
That brings up a really good point since we are created to be very
unique spiritual beings our truths are not the same. So no matter what
is revealed to us or how much we believe that you have found the
answers keep in perspective they are your answers and not someone
else. Each of us must come to our answers for ourselves. My beliefs
tell me that the whole purpose is to live the best we can on this
physical plane and use our spiritual knowledge in creating a more
wonderful place. The best way to do this for me is to know myself and
only try to change me. Think what would happen if each of us sought
spiritual truth daily and lived it to the best of our ability. Pray
for one another to find their truth but do not impose your truth on


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