Spiritual Gifts

I was minding my own business, the other day, or at least, I think I was ... just getting a few chores done. I'm not sure if I was listening to a Christian radio broadcast or not, or what else would have even prompted this thinking. But, this verse came to mind ... love one another, as I have loved you. John 15:12.

I already knew however God has loved us is the way He wants us to love and that doing so is our way of thanking Him for how He has loved us.

Though, the thought came to mind that, except for the ways God has loved us, it is impossible for us to know how to love. I think I already knew that. However, somehow, the word 'impossible' stood out and, suddenly, it dawned on me ...

If it is impossible to love, other than how God has loved us (and that does seem logical, as love is who God is) that would also mean that (in the area of Spiritual gifts) we would have first had to receive a Spiritual gift before we would have the ability to share that gift with others.

And, I thought, duh! Will we never be done learning that we don't know as much about God as we think we do?

Then, God showed me this verse. As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God, I Peter 4:10. And, right there it is, in black and white! You aren't just given a gift. You actually have to receive one and with it comes the ability to give it again.

So, that tells me that, in order to have the gift of miracles, for example, you would have first had to receive the gift of miracles. And, if you have received a miracle, you have the gift of miracles ~ whether you know it or not.

Many of us have likely taken Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tests in attempt to determine our Spiritual gifts. But, this is a sure test in which we can 'know' our gifts and is also a measure by which we can determine if we are being good stewards, using those gifts, or not.

SoFeature Articles, you just might want to think about it. You could have abilities you haven't yet discovered!


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