Spiritual Connection

It seems, and this may be especially true in today's world, there is much that differentiates people. Economic sanctions, threats of warfare, and outright warfare between peoples are often the result of differences that go unresolved. And not only is this sort of conflict happening today, there's precedent for it throughout history. For all the differences between people however, people everywhere have always shared one particular similarity: a notion of spirituality.

Exactly how long people have had a spiritual connection may never be known, but it's certainly been happening for generations. Somewhere along the line the term religion became attached to the idea of spiritual connection, but religion is certainly not uniform. There are different religions obviously, with different belief systems. Some religions emphasize commitment to particular entities over others, while other religions embrace a commitment to the earth.

Religion unfortunately has also become reason for conflict. Members of some religions may consider their belief systems to be most legitimate and closest to pure spirituality. Perspective like these across time have given way to various forms of intolerance, and even hostility. If nothing else, these types of disputes demonstrate how meaningful a spiritual connection is to people.

While it may not be as familiar as other spiritual methods, ho'oponopono has been in use for an extended period of time. The ho'oponopono method originated in Hawaii, where generations of people have practiced it. In Hawaii today, ho'oponopono is still practiced on a regular basis. Ending conflict between individuals or groups of people is the basis for the traditional ho'oponopono form. Resolution of this kind usually involved whole family structures, with any aggrieved party being given the opportunity to present their case.

During its timeline, the ho'oponopono practice experienced what might be termed an update. Ho'oponopono in an updated form came into practice, and with this new ho'oponopono form an individual made a direct contact with the divine life force. This form of ho'oponopono involved accepting responsibility and making amends for those things the individual was solely responsible for. What may have been most unique about this ho'oponopono form was the notion that the individual was responsible for all the difficulties that appeared in their experience. To put it another way, with this newer ho'oponopono form all the problems in one's life were seen as the responsibility of the individual.

This updated ho'oponopono method is growing increasingly popular. Books have been written about it, articles have been written about it, and people actually teach this updated ho'oponopono form on a full time basis. Though this ho'oponopono method is far from universally appliedFind Article, it has a dedicated following that appears to be growing.


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