Revamp Your Fitness Routine

Finding time for fitness can be difficult when you have a hectic lifestyle. Clearing room in your schedule for exercise is extremely important. There are plenty of small and quick ways that you can revamp your fitness routine and tone your physique. First, you must lay all of the things you need to get finished from day to date on paper. When you have decided which times and which days of the week are free, plan what you can do to get your body active and moving. If you have twenty to thirty minutes available, hop on an exercise bike or other type of workout equipment. Cardiovascular exercise really only needs to take about a half hour, including warm up and cool down.

You can easily make time for this on a machine in your home or at the gym. An easy way to incorporate interval training into your workout is by spontaneously revving up the speed in whatever you're doing. If you're on a walk, walk for a while at a regular place, then walk as fast as you can for a minute or two, then walk slowly again. You can play games like running as fast as you can to a certain tree or lamppost, then walk for a few minutes and do it again. The hard-easy principle is a standard training method that was created by a long-distance-running coach, it’s a method that is often used by runners, but can be applied to any exercise programmed. The hard-easy principle dictates that in order to attain higher levels of fitness, a person should exercise intensely two or three times a week, and less intensely on the other days.

So it's two or three hard workouts separated by easier recovery days. This is based on the same theory that requires 48 hours between exercising muscle groups to give them time to recover. On the hard days, the exerciser should overload and on the easy days, under load. This will build speed and endurance. Follow that with an easy day where you don't push yourself. You can incorporate the hard-easy principle into any fitness routine.

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