Raja Yoga – Spiritual Path

In Raja Yoga, the mind is studied and the Yogi learns to control it's modifications, mental currents and thoughts. By special meditations and specific Yoga practices (involving Hatha Yoga for opening the third eye, use of special mantras and yantras, use of symbols and other esoteric knowledge and methods) the Yogi opens his third eye, gains insight, mental control, lucidity, huge mental power and eventually spiritual realization is achieved.

Raja Yoga says that the mind can be your worst enemy or your best friend. The mind can bring misery or lead to bliss and enlightenment. The only factor that matters is the level of control over the mind or, lack of it. In Raja Yoga, the control over the mind becomes a science and an elevated art.

If you stop and think for a moment, the way human beings perceive reality is through the faculty of our mind. Whatever activity we are undertaking or experience we have, our mind is the mechanism of interpretation and experience that we use. Therefore, isn't it wise and logical to improve and control this important faculty in ourselves? Raja Yoga answers this question in an amazing way... not only is it important and wiseBusiness Management Articles, it is the key to full Self Realization and a fast and efficient way for spiritual success and life fulfilment.


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