Physical fitness with several error realizations


The burning of fat due to you sweat more.This myth stimulates people to take exercise and constantly sweat, then exclude fat according to extremely heat or wear some layers clothes or rubber or plastic loss-weight clothes. However unfortunately, usually what we exclude is water not fat. Fat burns when it used as a kind of fuel resources, it can not produce any effect initially. In fact, it usually burns sugar and carbohydrate substance at the beginning of working out. It will spend 20 minutes in doing aerobic activity before burning sugar to fat (Rhythm and constantly are features of aerobic activity. During the process of exercise, it burns oxygen large muscle masses of the body, such as the arms and legs. There are many aerobic activities, for example ride the bicycle, swimming). So, would like to burn fat, work out at least forty minutes.If you stop working out, the muscles will turn to fatIn most people's opinion, if you reduce the exercise, and continue to eat food the same as before or even more, the fat you tried to loss in the past that is likely to gain back. However, it is not because the muscles turn to the fat. The possibility of muscles atrophy or loss elasticity is not ignored, but the rate of muscle turning to the fat is extreme small. Muscle is different from fat, they can not mutual transformation. But it is necessary to have a rest when you are tired out.Take exercise can promote appetite.Such a conclusion may be true for people who carry out intensely exercise constantly one hour or longer. Between one or two hours, it will reduce appetite with moderate exercise of less than 60 minutes. Usually the exercise will decline the blood sugar in the body,  before setting up to work out, you had better to eat something to prepare. But, if your blood sugar level is higher than 250mg/dl, the exercise will make the blood sugar go up. It is very common for this issue and similar opinion, but untrue. There are no shortcuts to getting fit. Taking exercise is the best way to build healthy body. The simplest way is every week to do aerobic activity three times, every time to take 20 minutes. Insistence is very important. During the course of exercise, if you absence with one or two days, it is unnecessary to make up it through take more exercise, or it will bad for your health.Would like to use electric stimulation to instead of exercise.Electric stimulation is likely to helpful for muscle contract and maybe can tone the muscles slightly, but this kind of treatment does not replace exercise, also can not help you loss weight. If you want to loss weight, you must to do aerobic activity, it is science.Source: Free Articles from

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