Keep Fitness by Pole Dancing

When we talk about the pole dance, always a picture of an sexy woman comes out. Dancers use their flexible bodies to do some hot actions. While in the 21 century, pole dance has evolved into one of the fashionable weight reducing exercise. It is getting popular in western countries by office ladies. Modern improved pole dance has been accepted by people in dispute.

Actually pole dancing is a sport that our whole body can be exercised. It does not likeĀ  running or swimming, it incorporates gymnastic, ballet and modern dance. So pole dance need more skills and practices. When you begin to learn it, you will find there are varieties of skills you have to learn. Spins, climbs, static poses and body inverts are the basic movements of pole dancing.

The reason why it can help us to keep fitness is because the abdominal muscles, hips and arm muscles are all exercised when we dance. For example, when you circle your body around the pipe, you must tighten your abdominal muscles to finish all movements. If you relax, you body will immediately falls off from the pipe. Moreover, pole dancing can also exercise buttocks muscles, the movement of climbing tube just like the game we played in childhood, the muscles will slowly become tight fitting.

Pole dance is a sport relies on arm muscles, finishing one movement may need dancer using all efforts. Practice shows that the beginner's beautiful muscle line will appear after 6 classes. Pole dance is not the exercise only for young girls, in fact women of all ages with different size and shape can also take this for fitness. Though it may difficult to start, it can make your life change. The benefits of it are not only physical aspects, but also the mental aspects. The posture and movements of the dance make women appear more confident to others. Many learners said that pole dancing changes their way of life and the view to the world.

I remembered a famous yoga coach once said, " everyone should practice pole dancing, every girl should practice pole dancing. By pole dancePsychology Articles, I hope everyone can find something new of life.


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