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Lecturer, entrepreneur and MBA business consultant, John Harricharan is the author of the award-winning book, "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat." For more information, visit: http://www.spiritual-simplicity.com  http://www.vish-writer.com

Many years ago, I was sitting with a number of topexecutives in a business meeting. We were discussingthe possibilities of getting more customers. Thethought came to me that we should call Jim, a certaincompetitor, and ask him if he would send us some of hisextra business. The thought seemed so ridiculous that Ididn't even voice it. What? Ask a competitor forbusiness? It was too far-fetched to consider.

A week later at a trade meeting, I bumped into Jim. Wetalked for a little while about our various businessesand then I did a strange thing. I asked him if he hadany extra business that he couldn't handle at thepresent time. I told him that we had some excesscapacity at the plant and would be willing to help himout.

Jim looked at me and smiled. "I wish you had asked methat last week," he said. "You see, John, we recentlyacquired two new, large accounts but we didn't want tolose some of our smaller accounts. We are working overcapacity right now. We wanted to give some of theexcess work to another company that had the capabilityof handling them."

Jim shook his head and continued. "I thought of callingyou folks to ask whether you wanted some extrabusiness. Before I could make the call, I gotsidetracked with other things and forgot about it for aday or two. Then, a few days ago, Marty from XYZCorporation called and asked if we had any contractsthat they could help us out with. I was only too happyto agree. I wish you had asked me sooner."

Yes, I, too, wished I had just ASKED. For many reasonswe are reluctant to ask for what we want. The feelingsare complex as to why we hesitate to ask for help whenwe need it most. I, too, have faced situations whereI'd rather walk a thousand miles than ask for help.Perhaps, it is human nature, but I really don't know.

I do know, however, that many times the differencebetween success and failure is the simple act ofasking. And who do we ask? And how? This is where thesecret lies. An old man once said to me, "Go to Godfirst, and then to man as God directs." The first placeto turn to is the Invisible Force that pervades theuniverse. Some call this Force God. Others call it "AllThat Is" or Jehovah or many other different names.

We ask in the quiet of our hearts. If we listencarefully, we are led to ask the right person. And ifwe do this with a confident heart, believing that wedeserve the support of the universe, we'd be amazed atthe results. With strange turns and with mysteriousmeans we're led to the answer we seek.

Learn to ask for help. Ask in the silence of your soulfirst, and then ask the person you feel led to. Thatperson could be a friend, a family member, a minister,a counselor or a business associate. Sometimes helpcomes from strange places. In addition to writingarticles, newsletters and books, lecturing andconducting seminars, I am also an intuitive consultant.It never ceases to amaze me how many people call me fora consultation, guidance and insigt and say that theywere led to call me through something they saw on mywebsites, the suggestion of a friend, a book they reador even a dream.

Our world seems to be moving at a faster pace than everbefore. Changes seem to come upon us with lightningspeed. But that is one of the laws of the universe.Change will always come into our lives. It's how wedeal with it that's important. If we meet change withconfidence and trust, we'll find the strength, courageand support to adapt, adjust and welcome change. Hopedoes shine all around.

There are times when events seem to catch up with usand we find ourselves at the end of our rope. Worse,there appears to be nowhere to turn, no help available,no rest for the weary. Do not be deceived by whatappears to be. There is an ancient saying, "Ask and yeshall receive."

Whatever the times seem to be, whatever problems weface, whatever difficulties we imagine in our minds,let us remember that there is always a way out. Let usremember that we are children of the universe with allthe gifts of the universe at our disposal. Let us askthe universe for what we need and we'll be guided tosomeone who will be the answer to our problem. Justdon't sit there -- ASK!


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