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If you have decided to start working out at a fitness center on a
regular basis then you have made a very good decision for your health
and your life in general! Making the commitment to exercise can be a
tremendous boost for you in so many ways! The next question then
becomes- which fitness center is most suitable for your needs?
Selecting a gym is an investment in a healthy manner of living but for
some people knowing where to start can be confusing. One thing you need
to find out about is what equipment the fitness center has to offers its
members. Check to see if they have a variety of cardio machines such as
treadmills, stationary bikes, stair climbers, elliptical machine,
spinning bikes and rowing machines. The more variety the better! Make
sure that each cardio machine is in good working order.
Check to see about the weight training equipment as well. Make sure the
gym has free weights and an assortment of dumbbells, barbells, benches
and racks. Make sure that they have the poundage in dumbbells that you
are interested in.
Most fitness centers have an aerobics room. This room is not only good
for participating in aerobics classes but it can also come in handy for
doing lungs, squats and jumping rope.
How clean is the exercise facility? This should figure into your
decision of which exercise center to join. Look at the overall
cleanliness of the entire place. This includes not just the work out
rooms but also the reception area and the locker rooms. You should also
take note of how clean the machines look. Are there cloths and spray
provided so that members can wipe down machines after they have finished
with them? Is there dust and dirt everywhere or is it pristine looking?
(or as close to pristine looking as possible?). It would also be a good
idea to find out if the fitness center hires a full-time employee to
clean all of the exercise rooms and the equipment on a day-to-day basis.

You want to choose a facility that has enough staff on hand. For
instance you want to know how many trainers work there and if they will
be available to you when you need them. You should observe the
appearance of them. You want to work out at a gym where the trainers
look like people who have the know-how to teach others. You want a
trainer who is dedicated to the program taught at the gym and one who
truly practices what he or she preaches. After all succeeding at your
fitness goals, whether they be to lose weight, tone up or keep in shape
is important to you! Observe the trainers before you decide if you wish
to become a member at the fitness center or not.
Check out the quality of the locker rooms. Are they clean, well lit and
equipped with what you need? Do they offer privacy and safety? Quantity
is important too. Find out how many lockers they have and if the lockers
contain enough room for your belongings. Does the facility make locks
available to its patrons or must you bring in your own? Find out if the
center offers a sauna room or has a hot tub. After a work out you could
use a little relaxation for sure!
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