How to Invest in Your Self

Copyright (c) 2008 Karin Marcus

You are your own greatest asset, and it is time to take charge of your personal well being. Times are tough and people are being more careful about their spending. The best place to put your money right now is in building a personal reserve and in developing your skills and talents. Investing in your self involves a commitment of time, energy, and resources toward personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Often in difficult times people deny their personal needs, but it is precisely during periods of stress that self care is crucial.

It is time to declare, "I am worth it, and I deserve to flourish!" You will discover that the benefits of investing in your self include:Increased self-esteem Improved quality of life Enhanced relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

To begin, identify the areas of your life that are not exactly the way you want them to be. Areas to consider are: Career/Purpose; Money; Health; Physical Environment; Relationships (Friends Family, Romance); Personal Growth(emotionally, physically, and intellectually); Fun and Recreation; and Spirituality. Now take the following steps:

1.Rate each category from 1-10 in terms of your level of satisfaction.

2.For each category write down one element that is working well for you right now.

3.Then write one element that if put in place would substantially improve your life.

4.List each improvement in order of priority and/or ease of implementation.

5.Begin with priority #1 and list 5 simple steps to be taken toward that goal. Now start walking!

Next, start building a Personal Reserve. A reserve means you have far more than you need emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. It means living from a place of abundance and sustainability. The benefits of building a reserve include:You will have fewer worries, More choice and a sense of command over your present and future, The ability to deal with emergencies.

For a high quality of life you need to build a reserve in five areas:

Time - You can't experience the abundance of life if you are always harried and rushed. You need at a minimum one hour a day of quality ME time. That doesn't mean time to collapse and recover from everything else. It means devoting the time to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Space - You need breathing space. That can be found by creating a place in your home where you can just be and reflect in comfort and peace. It can be experienced outdoors and being fully present in nature. Find a favorite place where you can feel the open space, see a broader horizon, and gain a new perspective.

Energy- Compare your input and output of energy in a single day. At the minimum, you need to create a balance between the two. For a healthy life, you need greater input so that your generator is always fully charged for the inevitable, unexpected demands of life.

Love- Surround yourself with the caring support of others. Immerse yourself in the activities that give you joy and feed your soul. Share the best of yourself with others, and it will expand the capacity for love in your heart.

Integrity - Be clear on the values that you hold most dear. Let those values be the litmus test by which you determine every decision. Living with integrity and staying true to your heart will save you from wasting valuable time, money and energy on the wrong path.

You were not created to achieve your minimal potential. It is your birthright to flourish. Rather than being selfish, investing in your own well being and becoming your best self will ultimately be of great service to others. You will have more to give and what you have to offer will be richer. Be clearBusiness Management Articles, that you are worth every penny and minute that you wisely invest in your Self.


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