Five Secrets of Fitness Walking

Walking is the easiest and best way of keeping fit. Fitness enthusiasts will want more, and the gym is a great way to work out But for the rest of us walking can make a real difference to our fitness and way of life. Do it right and you can lose up to five pounds in a week and have fun along the way. So here are five tips to start you off.

Start Slow. Don’t rush out and walk five miles when previously you’ve only been walking a few yards to the bus stop. You’ll get blisters, feel terrible and give up. Begin by walking briskly round the block for a few days. Then when you’re happy with that make it half a mile. Do a mile after a week or so. That’s only half a mile there and half a mile back - you can do it easily.

Wear the Right Clothes. At first you may wear anything you like, but as you walk further you need to be more prepared. Buy a pair of comfortable walking boots. If your climate is temperate get yourself a rainproof anorak with a hood. You will also need a light rucksack to carry a drink and some sticking plaster in case of blisters. That’s about it. Don’t carry too much, a large heavy backpack can be misery if you are not used to it.

Find a Buddy. A walking buddy helps enormously. Fix a time to walk together and do it every day. You will not notice the distance and you will both benefit from the exercise. If you can’t find a buddy to join you don’t despair, heed the words of the immortal Gordon Gecko ‘If you want a friend get a dog’

Set Targets. It is essential to set targets. Aim to be walking two miles by the end of the week. Or to lose five pounds in seven days, or whatever you feel comfortable with. If you achieve you aim celebrate, if not just make it more realistic next time. Should you have increased your walking and your weight remains the same look at your diet. You are probably not burning off enough calories. That can be fixed with a more healthy diet. But most of all you must not give up.

Enjoy Walking. There is no point in walking if you hate every minute of it. But I hope you will enjoy your walking. There is so much to see every week as the seasons change. So now you have your buddy or your dog, the sun’s shiningComputer Technology Articles, it’s a lovely day. Off you go.



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