Fitness Goals That Work


Every day, we are bombarded by images of people with sculpted bodies advertising the newest trends in fitness and weight loss, not to mention various products for sale. The message is clear, being fit and thin is easy.That message is misleading. It is possible for anyone who has a little bit of determination to become fit and healthy, but it will not happen overnight. In order to meet your fitness goals, you need to carefully plan a strategy that works for you.Fitness goals that work…One easy way to increase your fitness is incorporate more exercise into activities you already do. If you have a dogs, try taking them for a walk instead of letting them out in the yard. Keep your snacks in the break room at work instead of in your desk so that you need to get up to go get them.Instead of going to the food court in your office building, chose a restaurant a couple of blocks away, or better yet, pack your lunch and take it for a picnic lunch in the park.All these little changes can be a part of your first set of fitness goals. Maybe for the first week, you simply will always take the stairs instead of the elevator or decide to walk instead of drive when you head out to your local convenience store. The important thing is to start with goals that you are comfortable with and can achieve.Once you start increasing your general activity level, try setting a goal that is a little higher. Maybe you can commit to going for a long walk three days a week, or maybe it works better for you to go for a short walk every day. Try to think about how much time you have to put towards exercising and what will keep you motivated to keep going.The important thing is not to do too much too soon. Even if you were an amazing athlete in your college years, if you haven’t exercised in a long time, your body will fight back against suddenly trying to do things you haven’t in years. Your body will hurt, you will be extremely tired, and you will start thinking that maybe this wasn’t the best idea after all. The idea is to start slow. Gradually increase your activity level over time. This will allow your body to build the muscle and stamina you need, and it will allow you to create the habit of exercising.Fitness goals that work… walking twice a weekIt is much easier to go from walking twice a week to walking every day to going to the gym every day than it is to jump right from not exercising to going to the gym every day. You are looking to make changes in your lifestyle that will last the rest of your life, so give yourself some time to get there.If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about making fitness a part of your life. The fact that you are thinking about it and trying to make a plan means that you have already started down the right path. Make concrete goals to start now. You can start slow. You can take the time you need, but start now.Learn more about: Best way to gain muscle fast. Source: Free Articles from

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