Fitness Equipment Review: The Kettler Paso 309 Is the Best Fitness Equipment in the Market


In today’s fast-paced world we’re living in; the greatest, most valuable commodity that we have is not money but time. That is why a lot of the innovations that we enjoy over the past years are focused on saving time. But when it comes to our health, there’s no use cutting corners. The truth is we need to engage ourselves in some form of exercise or another. But like most people, we realize that going to a gym takes up more time. And so this is why fitness equipment sales have skyrocketed over the last ten years. Now, you could exercise in the comfort of your own home. You might be asking yourselves, “Where do I start?” Perhaps you could try a stationary exercise bicycle which is now one of the most popular types of exercise machines. Here’s some information on the Kettler Paso 309.

Overall rating: Fitness Exercise Equipment

4.5 out of 5 stars

Key Features:

It has a fitness training computer with a backlit console that contains up to 6 programs and 16 levels of computer controlled resistance. The computer console also measures time, revs, speed, distance, calories, pulse and a strain graph. It also has a comfortable handle bar and saddle whose inclination could be manually adjusted. The pulse is measured electronically via hand sensors. It also has motorized magnetic brake system.

Fitness Exercise Equipment Price:

About £199.00 - £299.00

Product Description:

The Kettler Paso 309 comes with a lot of amazing features. Of course, it has full heart rate monitoring and control system but what sets it apart is that it could be operated hands-free; giving you all the workout time you need without slowing down. Furthermore, this wonderful fitness equipment could be set on any type of floor even if it is tilted. This is due to the floor levelers that comes with it keeping you level at all times. With all its presets and programs you will surely grow with this fitness equipment as you set goals for yourself to beat. Plus, with the information that you get from the console such as distance, speed and calories spent you can get motivated to stay in shape. Combine that feature with its built-in 16 level of resistance and you can certainly push past your limits.

Product Specifications:

The Kettler Paso 309 has a maximum user weight of 130kg or 20.4 stone. It is 88cm long, 60cm wide and 142cm high. It also has an inertia weight flywheel of 9kg. It also comes with gravity pedals with foot straps ensuring just the right amount of grip for the user. This fitness equipment also comes with equipped with wheels at the bottom which is useful for storing and moving it in different locations.

About Kettler

Kettler Group was founded in 1949 in Germany as part of the Heinz Kettler GmbH & Co. and has been producing nothing but the best fitness equipment in the market. Kettler is recognized internationally as a symbol for durabilityComputer Technology Articles, comfort and style. With Kettler you can be assured of quality.


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