Does Your Food Matter to God?

 Does Your Food Matter to God? 

anyone had told me 10 years ago that what and how we eat matters to God and to
His purposes for my life, I probably would have laughed.  However, after living on a high raw diet, I
can truly say that your food does matter. 
It matters to your health, it matters to your spiritual growth, and it
matters to your emotional stability. 

are physiological reasons why it matters, but it also matters spiritually.  If you are a person deeply entrenched in church
life, this may sound totally bizarre.  After
all, most of our church activities revolve around eating and once we thank God
for the food, we typically give little thought to what He may think about what
we’re doing to our bodies and our minds. 
Pot Lucks, donuts and coffee before church, fund raisers selling hot
dogs and chips, etc., are all part of our normal church life.  But have we been deceived into believing that
giving food that place of pre-eminence in our lives is a good thing?  Doesn’t the Bible talk about not allowing
anything to have control over you?  Do
any of these characteristics touch a nerve? 
If so, maybe food has the wrong place in your life. 

Body of Christ has for too long ignored the truth about why we are just as sick
as the “world”.  God has given us
principles for health in His Word if we choose to have eyes to see. 

 Here is what can happen when you pursue living
for God in your food habits: 

are just a few of the benefits of allowing God into your food choices.  Start today thinking about not only being
grateful for God’s provision of foodArticle Search, but ask Him what the best foods are for
your body – you may be surprised at what He shows you.


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