Discover the 8 Fat Loss Cardio Mistakes

Programs for fitness and fat loss come in just about every variation depending on the perspective of the guru or expert involved. As a former military trained fitness professional working with thousands of people over the last three decades, all of the trial and error to see what works and what doesn't is over. As many of you continue to win the war on obesity while getting healthier everyday, some of you are traveling down a road less traveled without a map.

Here's a map to point you in the right direction and in an effort to clear up some confusion, give some solid foundational starting points so you can make some educated choices.

1. Inadequate warm up

When starting out a warm up of a general nature is good to loosen stiff muscles and joints. A five minute whole body dynamic stretch routine allows you to hit all planes of motion with flexion, extension and rotation of torso and lower body. From ankles to neck warms the body nicely and will prevent program ending injuries before you get out of the gate.

2. Session of cardio not long enough

A session of less than 20 minutes isn't really log enough for the body to figure out what you're doing. The body's fuel sources for fat burning might not even start to get tapped into until the 30 minute mark. However, for the newbie or over weight individual building endurance and conditioning the body for work will be the first goal with the lower limit being thirty minutes and building on some days to sixty minutes.

3. Session of cardio not hard enough

The discussion strategy of going hard enough but still allowing you to converse with a cardio partner is one commonly used, however as you become conditioned, a higher intensity will need to be employed to burn fat. Heart rates alternated between 120 and 180 beats per minute using high intensity interval training will give you more bang for your buck and continue to burn fat for another 36 hours post workout research says.

4. Session of cardio not frequent enough

If previous items are not handled well and injuries occur frequently or life causes schedule conflicts, setting up a first thing in the morning strategy is best. Get up, have a coffee shot and hit the road. Then the day can do what ever the day wants to do and you've at least gotten "me" time handled and can feel accomplished.

5. Not enough variety.

When doing the same type of workout whether it's running, swimming or rowing and it happens same time, on same days-a change is needed. Mainly because a lot of repetitive stress injuries occur as the body adapts to that type of training routine. When going from one method of cardio training to another, the body's ability to adapt to stressors takes much longer while prolonging stagnation and possible soft tissue injuries

6. No ability to record quantity of calories expended, i.e. heart monitor

"I'm sweating" isn't an indication of fat burning, it just means your drinking enough water and your hot....that's it. Using a monitor to check ranges to build recovery into your program as well as document calorie output per type of training session is good data. It will keep you continually improving if you meet or beat each similar workout with one or more calories being burned each time as you get fit.

7. No stretching program/cool down

Post workout a few minutes of stretching your tightest target muscle groups will prevent down time from injury and allow the pooling of waste products in muscles from exercise to be pushed through the system and eliminated mush easier. Research indicates this also will help with delayed on set muscle soreness.

8. Improper diet

The biggest mistake of all is to eat 3000 calories of poor quality fuel and call it food. Not only will you perform less than optimally, but if you only burn a 300 or 400 calories per day and your body needs only 2,000 calories to survive.....the extra calorie consumption will eventually add up to fat gain instead of loss. Have your body fat levels checked to determine how many calories you need for your body and activity level. Then eat the highest quality fuels possible. If it didn't exist 3,000 years ago, don't eat it.

Stay ready so you don't have to get ready. Go lift some heavy stuff, then run, eatPsychology Articles, sleep and repeat forever.


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