Contemplation and Meditation of the Un-known!


A good dictionary definition of meditation is as follows:1) To engage in contemplation or reflection,2) To focus one’s thoughts on; reflect on or ponder over,3) To reflect or consider with thoroughness and care.In meditation there is no activity of the will. Do you understand the beauty of all this? When there is no measurement, no comparison, no achieving or becoming, there is the silence of the negation of the self. There is no self in meditation. So a mind, a brain that is in the act of meditation is whole. The whole of life is meditation, not one period of meditation when you meditate. Meditation is the whole movement of living.J. Krishnamurti Mind With-out Measure: Talks in Calcutta, November 20, 1982 ‘The Human Condition’Contemplation from a meditative perspective is looking into some matter for your self with the intent of discovering what’s true about it. To some extent we all contemplate throughout our lives, but serious contemplation requires discipline, stubbornness and a great curiosity to find out the truth.State of Not KnowingAny valid inquiry must begin with the contemplation and meditation of not knowing, or else it is merely the confirmation of what is already known. A mental shift from knowing to not knowing is necessary to develop intuition, creativity, insight, improve memory concentration and focus and to increase confidence and self awareness. But it is also a requirement for any serious investigation into the truth.True contemplation and meditation requires you to discern the difference between that which you have experienced to be true and that which you only believe to be true. A belief is a concept or idea that is derived from your past conditioning, your education, culture, religion, economic background, nationality, political preferences, etc.To truly experience anything it is necessary to shift away from your beliefs to a state of not knowing. Only from this state of not knowing, is it possible to experience and find out what is true.At the root of every great inquiry from the psychological and spiritual to the cutting edge of science, lies this openness to not knowing. With this perspective there is always the possibility of great innovation, the possibility that something true and profound will be discovered.Every great discovery has come from a contemplation and meditation to derive a state of not knowing. Whether it was the discovery of gravity, penicillin, nuclear fission, or black holes in the universe, they all required that someone put aside their beliefs about a particular subject of inquiry and start with a new, fresh perspective.All of the great innovators, scientists, and even spiritual leaders had this ability to think from a fresh perspective that nobody else had ever tried before them. All the great names, like Galileo, Copernicus, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein, Gautama Buddha, and Aristotle did this. New innovation, creativity, insight, intuition, and invention are not otherwise possible.In Modules 4 and 5 of The Yoga Awakening Meditation Collection we explore the notions of beliefs and true perception in detail. Expand you mind, develop intuition, increase confidence, improve memory concentration and focus all through yoga and meditation.There are so many secrets that Yoga and Meditation will reveal to you. There are so many ways that Yoga and Meditation can make your life easier and more fulfilling. Come and explore these secrets with me now by visiting:  ==>>  To Natural Stress Relief, Abundance and Excellent Health,==>>  Thanks for reading and I wish you all the success!Source: Free Articles from

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