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Spiritual Tourism IV – Heavens on Earth

The Mystic Village that is Maitreyi

The ancient Seer-Poets of India communed with Nature, communed with the Infinite and their collective wisdom came to be known as the Vedas. It is said that the Vedas are Sruthi, that is they were cognised by the Seers in higher states of Consciousness !

Indian civilization and culture, from times immemorial, has been based on Vedic wisdom. The Vedic village of Maitreyi, spread over 25 acres, has been created for men who want to move away from the madding crowd and achieve mental peace and bliss.

This superb divine village is situated in the pristine, pure nature of the foothills of the Western Ghats, extolled in the Twelve Positive Sciences for their elevating and sublime experience.

An eco-friendly, cultural and spiritual retreat is Maitreyi and it is close to the Aliyar Dam Lake in Tamil Nadu, which is famous for its excellent climate and breathtaking scenic beauty. Maitreyi's layout is based on the Vedic science of Architecture, Vastu Vidya. Care has been exercised to use eco-friendly materials for its construction.

The agriculture here is organic as the Vedas extoll Organic farming. 25 acres adjoining the Anamalai hills which constitute Maitreyi is great to behold, as its harmonious layout enhances its natural beauty.The thrust is on Organic farming,whose by product is the preservation of the existing ecosystem !

Ayurvedic treatments along with the practice of Transcendental Meditation creates a feeling of well-being, says the tourists who had visited this vedic village. Health improves due to less tension. Tension has been defined as the sole villain which devastates the health of those who lead a mechanical life, which is the product of our own modern hotpot civilisation.

TM takes you to your depths, to the depths of Being. You will feel the calm of the State of Least Excitation of Consciousness or the Unified Field of Consciouness . The Invarient Reality ( physicists use the word Invarient, meaning Changeless ) will be experienced and the peace that passeth understanding will be felt by all.

Classes on different aspects of Vedic culture and its art forms, classical dances and other cultural events, music performances and the celebration of festivals according to the Indian calender at Maitreyi's auditorium will give you a taste of what Vedic culture is all about

"The Vedas the are lighthouse of Eternal Wisdom leading man to salvation and inspiring him to supreme accomplishment " - said Mahesh Yogi, the founder of SCI.

The Vedic Village at Maitreyi is the representer of the calmness of Eternity.

You can have TM clasees, have Ayurvedic treatments like Detox and Rejuvenation Therapy and feel more relaxed than ever, ready and refreshed spiritually to take on the challenges of the competitive world.

Your accomodation in any of these beautiful cottages and delicious veg meals, based on Ayurvedic recipes at the "Annapoorneshwari Restaurant " will make your stay at this mystic village heavenly !

You can get a glimpse of Rural India. You can watch the captivating waterfalls and hoary temples. You can also get a glimpse of the dynamic urban India, with its 400 million middle classArticle Submission, by visiting the high tech Coimbatore or Palghat.

The nearest airport is Coimbatore. For international flights Cochin.

Maitreyi - The Vedic Village



642 101

Pollachi (TK)

Coimbatore Dist

Tamil Nadu India

Tel 91 - 4253 - 288763

Mob - 91 - 93454 90353

Site - www.maitreyivedic.in

Email - info@maitreyivedic.in


Spiritual Awakening and Purpose

Each of us is in
this world for a reason. That’s why we all have special gifts and talents that
are unique to us. These gifts can help us experience spiritual awakening which can lead to a satisfying and gratifying
life. If you want to know what your main purpose in life is, then just look at
the way you have been created. This will give you a clue as to your “shape”.
Once you gain a deeper understanding of who you are, you then can set out to
fulfill the purpose of your life.

There is something
special about living your life purposefully. The level of your spirituality is affected by the
presence or absence of purposeful living. Once you have made up your mind to
undertake this journey, a lot of things start happening and you are able to
find great fulfillment in what you do.

This also leads
to you not wasting time and resources on things that are not consistent with
your purpose on this planet. Another way that purposeful living leads to spiritual awakening is the way it contributes
to personal healing. You stop comparing yourself with other people because you
have finally realized that what you are is just as important. Most people go
through life dissatisfied that they don’t measure up. Insecurity is spreading
like plague in this modern world. The only way to cure this is to discover what
you are here for.

Finally, there
is the question as to how one can find his purpose in life. Well, the most
obvious way to know is to seek and find. Your talents and gifts can go a long way
in giving you some clues. Your experiencesArticle Search, whether good or bad can also show
you your purpose. There is also the aspect of our spirituality that tells us what we were born to do. That still
small voice inside of us will also guide us in this direction.


The History Of Spiritual Alchemy


A person who is seeking the path of the divine through a means of
experimenting, is known as a spiritual alchemist. This Journey could
take an entire lifetime. The biggest practice that they incorporate is
meditation. The main focus of spiritual alchemy itself is to find the
inner voice and follow it.

Controversy is heavy when it comes to this subject. It may be the reason
for modern chemistry as we know it. Some find that to be an argument in
itself as well. It is believed that alchemists may have actually sought
after the philosophers stone tat was mentioned in several myths. This
stone was supposed to be able to allow an alchemist to turn any metal to

It was a Mystical practice which, because of the attitude of what passed
by the Churches, would have resulted some practitioners being burned at
the stake, or something similar, had they been caught. The basis of
alchemy can be found in allegory and before you can truly understand
alchemy you must figure this out.

The experiments that occurred were a valuable part of the scientific
processes to follow, likely dangerous too. The observations that were
made would have led the experimenters to form a hypothesis about the
nature of the material they using, which were tested and lead
understanding the true nature of it. Chemical reactions dont normally
happen by full moon alone or by spells. There needs to be an experiment.

It has been suggested that alchemy became an adventure to change the
actual personality of the experimenter. They may have been doing this
through hard work and educating themselves, rather than transmuting
metals. This would make it seems that the improvement of the alchemists
soul was the true goal. Perhaps they changed society by providing useful
products, like medicine.

Sometimes when we dont completely understand how something works, we
tend to give a mythical explanation. Some would argue that to fill these
gaps with something supernatural is just pure laziness on the
researchers part.

It really is considered that it likely had some sort of hand in the
actual formation the the Freemasons. Just about all American residents
take proof of the Freemasons with them each day. This substantiation
will be found on the dollar. The eye retains fantastic value to
freemasonry. The eye itself is positioned on an incomplete pyramid. You
can outline this pyramid after which it pull another upside down on the
pyramid. You will create a six pointed star. There are five points that
touch a letter. These letters appear to spell mason.

On earlier versions of the dollar, an alchemy symbol was present. This
image was a T that surpassed into an S. Spiritual alchemy had been
designed to help you discover the divine in yourself through unique self
trials. The path to the great divine has been chased in several means
and such a alchemy is only one of many ways folks have considered to
achieve it.
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If you want to learn more about the subject of spiritual alchemy, pay a
visit to our home pages here today. You can see discussions of the
philosophy and history at http://www.spagyria.com now.


What Does a Spiritual Life Coach Do Anyway?

I was recently interviewed for an upcoming television special on Executive and Spiritual Life Coaching hosted by Joan Lunden.  Among the questions I was asked, perhaps the simplest, but least understood, was the following: ''What is the function of a spiritual life coach and what are some of the tasks and methods they use?''The answer to the first part of the question is as varied as there are spiritual coaches, but the theme each has in common is working ''from'', ''with'' and ''in'' a spiritual dimension, spirituality in this case understood as that which is both totally beyond us, but at the same time inextricably part of us.  Simply put, a spiritual life coach facilitates his/her clients' spiritual growth.  This can run the gamut from people at the very beginning of a spiritual life to those well advanced on a spiritual Path.  It also encompasses people in spiritual transition (e.g., people leaving and/or joining a particular faith tradition, people who have been abused spiritually/religiously and who now wish to reclaim a new, healthy spirituality while working through their pain, etc.).      Most often, the coach works primarily by listening and then asking the client questions relevant to his/her ''agenda''.  The coach and client then devise a plan for reaching the client's spiritual goals.  The coach acts as cheerleader, mentor, accountability partner, and, what I like to refer to as, the client's Sacred Witness. It is important to remember, however, that coaching is not therapy nor is it pastoral counseling.  The relationship between coach and client is that of equals.  The journey is a shared experience and the coach doesn't necessarily have to know more than the client. Some coaches will give their clients ''homework'' such as journaling, keeping a ''dream journal'', and/or making lists of things that empower or hinder a person's spiritual growth based on what the coach knows about the client's goals.  I invite clients to list ten goals they would like to reach over the course of ninety days.In a large way, spiritual coaches help others to help themselves, to live empowered, responsible, joyful, grateful and peaceful lives.  A spiritual coach is attempting to raise peoples' consciousness and disseminate the good news (gospel) that one person at a time we can turn the world around, as individuals, as couples, as families, as corporations, as governments, and countries, and as a planet.  Together, coach and client take the spirit energy that is within each of us and begin using it as a tool of profound personal change or transformation, building and tending and nurturing the lives we want in our deepest hearts to have, lives as whole, integrated, peaceful, loving, truly happy people, that is, people who are in tune with spirit.A spiritual life coach should work to empower and inspire people to, as Bishop John Shelby Spong aptly puts it, ''Live fully; love wastefully; and be all you can.''  This, I believe, is the heart of Jesus' message along with many other spiritual Teachers throughout history (e.g., Mohammed, Buddha, Ghandi, King and Mother Teresa).  This is something each of us has the power to do.  The result being better citizens, better partners, better spouses, and better children.  This is spirit in action.As a coach, one seeks to keep oneself out of the way as much as possible in order to let the client find his/her own answers.  The time spent with the client belongs to the client, not the coach.  Hence, many coaches find that having clients come to a session each week with an agenda is most helpful.  The spiritual coach should always be fully present to what it is the client is hoping to achieve by whatever spiritual, religious, and/or denominational means.  Spiritual coaching is like an emptying process (Greek: kenosis): coaches attempt to empty themselves of all preconceived notions, of judgment, of bias, etc. and in so doing are able to act as conduits or sounding boards with the clients' interests at heart as opposed to layering the coach's agenda on the client, thus hijacking his/her experience of finding truth for themselves.  Ultimately the client knows the answer.  It is often simply waiting to be retrieved, remembered or resurrected.    Is spiritual coaching religious? It certainly can be depending on the coach and the client.  Some coaches are more traditionally religious than others.  Tolerance is a huge part of spiritual coaching.  People should be met where they are and on what ever path they're walking.  A spiritual coach should be flexible enough to work with a client from his/her personal philosophy, faith tradition, and spirituality.  And a coach must certainly make extra room for the person who is not in touch with any spirituality, but is seeking one.  People wake up spiritually at different times and for different reasons.  Think about the times in your life when you've had spiritual experiences.  What were they like? What provoked them? How did they leave you feeling?To summarize, then, a spiritual life coach works with clients in facilitating spiritual growth.  By listening and asking relevant questions, the coach helps the client begin to find his/her way along a meaningful Path or conversely helps the more advanced client attain even greater spiritual depth.  In a world that is becoming less and less certain, growing and maintaining a healthy spiritual life is of the utmost importance.  People often find themselves drawing inward, looking for something beyond themselves when uncertainty is present.  It is the job of the coach to be thoroughly present to that uncertainty and help the client through the process.  Learning to live comfortably with uncertainty is one of the primary lessons we must learn as incarnated souls.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

Gavin Young has a M.A. in Systematic and Historical Theology from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA. A second M.A. in Pastoral Ministry from The Franciscan School of Theology, also in Berkeley. His undergraduate work was in German, with a minor in English. Gavin is a Certified Life Coach through the Coach Training Alliance.Mr. Young's spiritual path has been richand varied leading him from the Presbyterianism in which he was raised, through agnosticism, New Age spiritualities with Wiccan and Pagan influences,and back to Christianity through Roman Catholicism with strong Quaker leanings. He's identified most firmly as a progressive Christian humanist and ecumenist, who attempts to promote "critical thinking and intellectual honesty."With his varied spiritual experiences and education, Mr. Young is uniquely suited to the particular practice of a Spiritual Life Coach.


Raja Yoga – Spiritual Path

In Raja Yoga, the mind is studied and the Yogi learns to control it's modifications, mental currents and thoughts. By special meditations and specific Yoga practices (involving Hatha Yoga for opening the third eye, use of special mantras and yantras, use of symbols and other esoteric knowledge and methods) the Yogi opens his third eye, gains insight, mental control, lucidity, huge mental power and eventually spiritual realization is achieved.

Raja Yoga says that the mind can be your worst enemy or your best friend. The mind can bring misery or lead to bliss and enlightenment. The only factor that matters is the level of control over the mind or, lack of it. In Raja Yoga, the control over the mind becomes a science and an elevated art.

If you stop and think for a moment, the way human beings perceive reality is through the faculty of our mind. Whatever activity we are undertaking or experience we have, our mind is the mechanism of interpretation and experience that we use. Therefore, isn't it wise and logical to improve and control this important faculty in ourselves? Raja Yoga answers this question in an amazing way... not only is it important and wiseBusiness Management Articles, it is the key to full Self Realization and a fast and efficient way for spiritual success and life fulfilment.


Is Spiritual Leadership The Way To Go?

The world's super power leader was at it again last week, winning fans with his charm and wit during a speech at the University of Queensland during the G20 Leaders' Summit in Brisbane.

Despite detractors who say he is all talk and no action back home, everyone was of the opinion that Barack Obama is a true statesman and superb orator. Unfortunately for Australia's Prime Minister, the comments were not so generous when it came to him.

It reminded me of the leaders of the past who had winning mindsets, which were rather obvious from the great speeches they delivered. Leaders like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Sir Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King who knew how to realize opportunities and inspire their people.

The one thing I feel that gave them the leading edge and set them apart was spiritual awareness. That was the defining factor that got them through the darkest of times and brought out the best in them even in the worst circumstances.

You may think that spiritual awareness is fine for leaders of global stature fighting for causes larger than life. You may even wonder about its relevance to the corporate world.

So what does spiritual awareness look like? What would you be doing if you were spiritually aware? As a leader you would be very strong in your sense of self, your identity. When a leader is connected to the core of their internal self, they are self-actualized and living their purpose.

A spiritually aware leader is an asset to any organisation, institution, group or country. It is not about the size of the entity, it is about the caliber of leadership.

Spiritually aware leaders are also very driven by contribution to others. They believe in making a difference to the lives of others. I continue to work with a CEO who is this type of person. He hired me to help people get rid of their past programming so that they could be happy.

"When my people are happy they will have great relationships at home and with friends. As a matter of course they will also be happy at work and give us their best" he said. He was so right.

His employees love working with him as he inspires them with meaning and passion. Where does all this come from? Is he the lucky one who has this?

No he is not the only one who has this but he has learnt the process to turn his luck around. He has connected to the wellspring inside him and is successfully using it to achieve sustainable results in his life.

Stop the external search I say and look inside. We are blessed with so much. It's a matter of finding the connection to universal energy that can only happen when we have re-aligned our internal self.

He spends a bit of quiet time meditating and finding answers for the vision he creates. More importantly he is accountable and committed to the journey and it's results.

When I first started aligning his people to the business objectives many years ago he came up to me on my first day, shook my hand and promised me that he would be at every single program that I organized for the senior leadership team. Because he was there everyone else on the senior team was too.

That was the start of pulling the team together. This commitment went down the line when employees realized how important the initiative was for the company. Results we derived were outstanding. His style was to teach and give people tools then allow them the freedom to deliver. Humility and a learning mind were the over riding factors to success he would often say.

In everyday work-life terms, the following questions could help determine the type of leaders in your organisation:

A spiritually aware leader will engage and connect with others displaying consistency in their behavior whatever context they are in. They are congruent.

A great modern day example is the richest woman in America and media mogul Oprah Winfrey, who is often quoted as saying "I still have my feet on the groundScience Articles, I just wear better shoes."


Spiritual Alienation



Gayatri Mantra chanting and spiritual experiences.

Due to devoted and regular Gayatri Mantra chanting a divine light manifests in ones psyche which dispels our inner spiritual darkness. Just as soap washes off the dirt on our clothes and just as a broom removes dust in our homes similarly Gayatri Mantra is that divine ‘soap’ washes off our mental taints. Gayatri is such a divine miraculous ‘broom’ that it removes all taints, shortcomings.

Immanuel Kant was a very great German philosopher. He has written many priceless books on philosophy. In one book at the very end (gist) he wrote: I fear 2 things in this world. The first is that every night when I gaze at the vast dark sky I wonder how omnipotent that cosmic power is who created these innumerable stars, galaxies, planets etc. In fact one can never even imagine with our limited intellects as to how all these were designed and created. When I compare my (Kant) frail intellect with that of the omnipotence of the one who created this gigantic cosmos I feel so inferior in size and thus am full of fear.

For more scientific e-books visit: http://www.shriramsharma.com/ (GOOGLE PR 4) and http://www.awgp.org/ (Google 5)

The second fear factor of mine encompasses around the fact that when I perform some action which is unwholesome I hear a voice in my conscience telling me to refrain from acting undesirably. This inner voice is so potent that it virtually ‘bosses’ over me. When I seriously ponder over this fact I realize that my inner voice is so much more powerful than my frail intellect.

Kant writes that he fears both the above facts mentioned and concludes that the omnipotent one who has created this cosmos and the one who speaks clearly in my conscience are one and the same. But since I fail to find any scientific proof of this and also since my intellect fails to accept what I say I too ultimately do not accept this fact. Most definitely Kant could not accept this truth because the frail human intellect can only argue and counter argue. It is only the subtle experience that can deepen our faith and make it unswerving.

Indian Rishis of yore laid emphasis on deep subtle experiences rather than inference. That reality which Kant renounced because it was mere inference for his intellect had been experienced directly by Rishis of India eons back. Gayatri Mantra has bestowed this divine experience to millions of devotees in the world history. This becomes very clear when we dive deep into the meaning of Gayatri Mantra. Bhuha, Bhuvaha, Savaha correspond to earth, interstellar space and other world (Dhruva Loka) and they are created by God who is Om manifest (divine sound). We all meditate on its divine light. Why do we meditate? How are we related to it? The answer is because it is “Dheeyo Yona Prachodayaat”. Meaning it divinely inspires our intellect/brain. Therefore that cosmic principle which creates this cosmos is also the divine inspirer of our intellect. There is not even an iota of a difference as far as both these Divine Powers are concerned. That divine truth which was an inference for Kant was an experiential truth for Rishis who are the seers (Dhrishtaa) of the Gayatri Mantra.

If one reflect more seriously on Gayatri Mantra’s meaning 3 precepts emerge. 1) “Saviturvaraynyam Bharga”-that radiant divine light is worth aspiring for and is a power that destroys our sins (God principle). 2) “Dheeyo Yonaha”-the intellectual principle of a living being or Jeeva. 3) “Prachodayaat”-The inspiring relationship that unites God and ones intellectual power. One is the centre of the entire cosmos (God-macro) and the other is the centre of individual life (living being-micro). The third is that principle (Prachodayaat) that unites God and a living being.

Gayatri Mantra is that Divine Power which destroys man’s lowly state from its very roots, it washes of all our taints and sins and after overcoming all satanic principles in man’s psyche it replaces them with divine principles in full flow. Even criminals, dacoits and other individuals of lowly thinking hear a voice within to abstain from performing heinous acts. The voice clearly tells them that not only will society be harmed by their dastardly act but that they themselves (criminals etc) will be harmed n-fold more. Hence they are advised from within to refrain from such demeaning acts. But because man is so enticed by material pleasures he refuses to listen to his inner voice and hence foolishly acts despicably. A Gayatri devotee hears this inner voice very clearly and powerfully. In the initial stages of Gayatri meditation a devotee maybe unable to act explicitly in accordance with this voice due to weak penance and yet know for sure that this devotee due to strong self introspection realizes deeply his inner lack. And this realization is a very strong and gigantic step on the ladder of reaching material and spiritual success ethically. Majority of the times people are totally unaware of their inner lack and tainted state due to the veil of spiritual ignorance and blindness. If they fail to even realize that mental taints exist how will they even think of removing them? As against this the more a devotee of Gayatri matures spiritually the more these mental taints are experienced by him/her with greater clarity. His or her focused soul constantly places these taints in a mirror like fashion in front of their mind’s eye to perceive clearly. And finally a day comes when mature Gayatri aspirants are induced by this inner divine guidance to destroy these taints from their very foundation. A very dire situation seems very tough to surmount by a layman but for a true Gayatri devotee these situations do not appear very dire or frightful. This is because Gayatri Mantra chanting reduces the experience of the gross aspect of the cosmos and augments its subtle perception in the aspirant’s pure and focused psyche. The more ones subtle perception augments the more divine energies manifest in the soul. These divine powers in turn help the devotee to fight his/her mental taints successfully and thus they are eradicated. The more ones spiritual powers manifest a day comes when man ascends from mediocrity to supreme greatness. This verily is the true goal of Gayatri devotion and meditation and can be experienced by anyone in the world provided one performs these spiritual practices whole heartedly.

Due to devoted and regular Gayatri Mantra chanting a divine light manifests in ones psyche which dispels our inner spiritual darkness. Just as soap washes off the dirt on our clothes and just as a broom removes dust in our homes similarly Gayatri Mantra is that divine ‘soap’ washes off our mental taints. Gayatri is such a divine miraculous ‘broom’ that it removes all taints, shortcomings, attachments, likesArticle Search, dislikes etc from the ‘room’ of our psyche. It is only when our psyche becomes sacred and taintless that God comes and eternally occupies it. Gayatri Mantra based spiritual endeavor (Sadhana) is like an invitation card which helps sanctify and focus ones mind and intellect so that God/Self Realization is attained by the devotee.


The human is a creation masterpiece

The human is a creation masterpiece. He is equipped with extraordinary qualifications and capabilities. The human is now able to create extraordinary work of arts, rule, order, that no other alive creature can make them. In fact, it is not surprising. Because, the human are created to succeed them. However, what makes the human precious before Allah (swt) is not this material success. What makes him precious is his knowing Allah and the spiritual success. The spiritual ascension of human begins "Faith". "Faith" is the biggest test of a human in the world. 

Dear Readers,

The human is a creation masterpiece. He is a respectable creature who is equipped with extraordinary qualifications and capabilities. Most of all, the human is created in accordance to achieve spiritual ascension.

Nowadays, the scientists accept the monkeys, which are called Primates as the closest systematic category to the human beings. Furthermore, some of the scientists, who accept the evolutionary theory as an absolute reality, hypothesize that the human was evolved from monkeys. Nobody has a doubt that monkeys are the cleverest animals. But have you ever seen monkeys building a coop with laths?

Allah (swt) has some attributes as being alive [Hayat](life), knowing [Ilim](knowledge), wish and realize them [Iradah](will), being able to cope with [Qudrat](power), seeing [Basar](sight), hearing [Sam], speaking [Kalam](speech), and creating [Takwin]. They are the Subuti Attributes of Allah (swt). I have written about them in my previous articles. Allah created some creatures to have some attributes such as knowing, seeing and hearing even so partially or symbolic. However, these attributes appear in a best way only in the human.

Nowadays, the human kind has been designing projects for tens of years later, constructing big dams, drawbridges of kilometers and buildings having hundreds of storey, building giant ship, planes of hundred tons, hearing the things that are spoken in the most distant part of the world, seeing the furthest place of the universe and keeping informed about world while sitting at their homes.


# The human is caliph of his Rab in the earth

Briefly, the human is now able to create extraordinary work of arts, rule, order, that no other alive creature can make them, and arrange and manage the earth as they wish thanks to the incredible gifts Allah (swt) bestowed him. The earth is not enough for human now so he has been trying to search the space in the last 50 years.

In fact, it is not surprising. All of the developments are the results of the "reason" dimension of the human. The human are created to succeed them. The human is gifted with an excellent ability as "reason" to accomplish them. It is in the creation of human. Allah (swt) created human and bestowed him extraordinary abilities by blowing from His soul. Allah (swt) qualified the human as His caliph in the earth and bestowed the possession of the earth. It is ordered in the verses from the Qur'an that:

"It is He Who hath made you the inheritors of the earth: He hath raised you in ranks, some above others: that He may try you in the gifts He hath given you: for thy Lord is quick in punishment: yet He is indeed Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful." [Anaam, 165]

"And He has subjected to you, as from Him, all that is in the heavens and on earth: behold, in that are Signs indeed for those who reflect." [Jathiya, 13]

The real surprising position is the condition of human who perceives life as a game and fun without noticing Allah (swt), his nafs, his value and the divine mission given to him.

# The biggest test of the human

Dear Readers,

The human is really a creation masterpiece and achieves things that are not achieved by any other creatures in the world. However, what makes the human precious before Allah (swt) is not the material success. What makes him precious is his knowing Allah and the spiritual success that makes him human from a non-existence. Adam means not existing. The non-existence is of course not physical. It is the absence of the values that add humanity. The human is freed from being non-existent when he obtains these human values. He has the honor and dignity of being a human.

Being free of non-existence begins with "faith". Faith is the most important second parameter following the "reason" that changes the life of a human.

Imam-1 Rabbani hazrats ordered that "when a person says, "Lailahe illallah" aware of its meaning, a touch of belief occurs in his heart” in his very precious book "Mektubat". All the goodness that brings well-being to him begins with this short word. Therefore, the Messengers gave particular importance to this world.

Rasulullah (s.a.w) ordered that

"The most excellent deed that other Prophets and I recited is Lailahe illallah ." [Tirmizi]

"The most excellent deed is reciting Lailahe illallah" [Hakim]

However, while every human is bestowed the gift of "reason", "faith" is totally left to the will of the human. In fact, "faith" is the biggest test of a human in the world. 

If the human comprehends and approves the order he is in and the Creator (Allah) and accepts to obey His orders and rules, the Creator of the order bestows him the divine characteristics as honesty, generosity, justice, patience, mercy and gentleness which will make him a mature person by saving from non-existence. Allah (swt) makes him heedful and gifts him a heart that can comprehend the material and spiritual realities. Allah (swt) makes him peaceful and happy in the world and hereafter and distinguishes him from the other people.

On the other hand, if he hides the truth, denies the existence of Allah (swt), causes dissension and disorder, overrides the rights of others, disturbs them, the owner and Creator of the divine order punishes him as every system owner will do.

"Do no mischief on the earth, after it hath been set in order" [Araf, 56]

"And fear Him Who created you and (Who created) the generations before (you)" [Shuaraa, 184]

Dear Readers, in fact, the divine order is organized such that it will punish this kind of the person in world automatically. Remember how the people, who is arrogant even it is forbidden are isolated by everybody, how the people, who drink alcohol even it is forbidden died by car accidents, and how the parents, who did not teach the rules of Allah to even they had to, were incur the wrath of their children. Without doubtFree Web Content, the punishment of them in the hereafter will be more severe.

Be entrusted to Allah.


The Joy of Tantric Massage

Originating in what is now modern India, Tantra is at least 5000-7000 or more years old, pre-dating and influencing both Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Tantra believes that physical and sensual pleasure are the keys to spiritual growth.

This article looks at the origins and elements of Tantra, the beliefs of Tantrics, and examines the infinite benefits of Tantric Massage, both spiritually and sensually.

The Joy of Tantric Massage

The Tantra

Originating in what is now modern India, Tantra is at least 5000-7000 or more years old, pre-dating and influencing both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Many religions believe you can have either physical pleasure or spiritual growth, but not both.

Tantra flatly disagrees, believing that physical and sensual pleasure are themselves the key to our spiritual growth; without one, you can’t have the other.

Tantrics believe working on our bodies can clear them of accumulated rubbish, enabling healing and re-integration with the surrounding spirit energy. Central to Tantra is its belief in this spirit or energy force, and that the universe – and us individually - are all filled with the same energy. Crucially, Tantrics believe that any repression of this energy leaves us unbalanced and damaged.

Tantra rejects the repressive, moralistic, self-denying code of living propounded by many religions, where our body’s sexual or sensual needs are met with guilt, more guilt, repression, denial and punishment. Where, when attention is paid to bodily needs, it’s usually aimed at avoidance, for example of disease or pregnancy. Little attention is paid to the development and expansion of our body’s sensuality; no teaching us how to embrace it, value it.

Tantrics believe that to grow as complete beings, blockages need clearing from both our physical and psychic systems. Most people accept the idea of physical systems. We all know we have a Liver, Heart, and Stomach for example - but psychic systems? Controversial - but nevertheless, most major religions, do believe that we are more than our physical body.

Tantrics believe that a powerful spirit energy, lives in our Base Chakra, situated between our legs. Once released, it rises through our system. If dormant, our knowledge is limited; aroused it allows the natural spiritual growth we should be experiencing.

This vital energy- Kundalini - is ‘fed’ along channels called Meridians. Any obstruction lessens energy flow, much as a kinked hose-pipe produces only a reduced water supply.

Many believe that one manifestation of the ‘Life Energy’ is the Aura. Whether it is actually an aura, with its quasi-religious overtones or ‘only’ electricity’ is, hotly debated. Some recent scientific research however confirms a generalised electromagnetic current around our body and that all tissue and each individual organ, such as the Heart and the Brain also generates an individual impulse. Is there a link between this comparatively recent research and the Tantric belief in the Chakra system - spinning wheels of energy, spiralling throughout our body, where the various aspects and levels of our ‘being’ are merged? When these energy centres function properly, Tantrics believe, so do we. As with the Meridians, however, factors such as lifestyle, conditioning, guilt, diet, prevent them from fully functioning. Once they’re ‘clogged’ we become sluggish, under-performing.

Tantrics, and some modern therapies, believe we have many such blockages and that trauma, such as remembered grief, pain, embarrassment, physical or emotional abuse, remains stored in our body. The effects of this early blocking continue throughout our life, reducing our well-being, our energy; we may, perhaps, constrict our throats because of childhood conditioning to ‘don’t cry,’ or ‘don’t shout’. Our pelvis may be rigid through our attempts to stifle our genital urges. Our anal sphincter may have tightened, and remain tight as the result of our early – and long forgotten- attempts to repress anger.

The Massage

Believing our body is utterly central to our well-being; Tantrics use many techniques to ‘repair’ it. One such is massage, it’s believed that massage and Tantric techniques can help break down blockages and flush them out, – that the massage can heal us.

Tantric massage uses many techniques familiar in other massages, so what differentiates it from other forms of massage?

I would suggest five things;

i) Therapeutic masseurs focus on direct physical benefits; sensualists see pleasure as an end in itself. Tantrics go further, believing that the pleasure is the gateway to spirituality - the means to an end.

i) In Tantra we give without seeking a return; receive without feeling we have to reciprocate.

ii) It is a way of giving and receiving sensual pleasure without needing to perform in any sexual way.

iv) No externally imposed barriers exist as to where, what and how to touch. The only barriers are those that we, as responsible adults have decided will be there. If the agreement allows exploration of the whole of your partner’s body, they –and you –may find new, totally unexpected, areas of enjoyment. Many Westerners tend to be very genitally orientated. We overlook the other 95% of our body, much of which is capable of giving differing but equally exquisite responses. In this way, Tantra continues the liberation many feel when they realise that touch is both natural and mutually enriching.

v) There are techniques for both breathing and massaging particular areas of the body, such as the Chakras or genitals that are specific to Tantra, or the Chinese Tao.

Tantra is a letting go, a sensual journey that can lead to astounding joy. Striving to be open and honest, it is an uplifting but disciplined approach to the body. It permits - encourages - a freedom to experience, experiment, enjoy and openly delight in our body in a way that we in the West can find in turns, alarming, exhilarating, shaming and - perhaps - ultimately liberating. The results of this openness, allied to it’s emphasis on the journey not the destination being important can be astounding for those used to concentrating on the journey’s end ( i.e. ejaculation for the man which it discourages, and, if she’s lucky, orgasm for the woman). It allows time for us to focus on our partner and their body’s varied sensations. Tantra has, few, if any, taboos, provided – and it is a big proviso – that whatever is done is done with mutual respect and unforced agreement. Power, coercionScience Articles, emotional blackmail or exploitation is not acceptable in Tantra...

For all the above reasons Tantra is ideally suited to a massage.