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Beginner Carry Paleo Fitness: The Farmer’s Carry

From Kellyann Petrucci,

The farmer's carry is a strongman kind of exercise. Where the title comes from it is clear; what is not clear, however, is this exercise is. For more details about dumbbells exercises, check out http://www.bestadjustabledumbbells.info.

The farmer's carry is among the exercises for strengthening the grip and grip. The farmer's carry strengthens core stability and good posture.

The farmer's transport is most easily performed using a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells, but really, it is possible to do it with virtually anything you'll be able to continue to -- attempt a pail of water or even a couple of buckets of sand in the event that you truly wish to pay homage to the motion.

Here is the way to perform the farmer's transport:

To set up with this exercise, place up in order that that they're out of your toes. In this manner, when you lift up them, they are right where you want them.

Is to do it. Do not slouch or lean backward; stand vertical as you can. Believe "long, tall backbone" while you are holding the pounds.

If you feel as if you can not hold on with form place back down precisely the way you chose up them.

Exercises required to Improve your Spiritual Growth

Let's look at three disciplines that every Christian believer should employ:

STUDY OF THE BIBLE.  The Bible is God speaking to us.  The Bible communicates the truth of  God to us in search of ultimate reality.  They are wise who dwell upon God's Word.  In the Bible, Psalms 19:7-11 says:

"The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.  The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple, the precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart.  The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.  The fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever.  The ordinances of the Lord are sure and altogether righteous.  They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey than honey from the comb.  By them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward."

Whatever plan of reading and studying you use, the important thing is to have a plan.

How important is Bible Study? Can you think of any other way to become a Biblical believer in Christ other than by studying the Bible?  I can honestly say that I have never known a person whose life has changed in any significant way apart from the regular study of God's Word.  Do you want your life to change?  Study His Word.

PRAYER.  We pray last because we don't believe prayer really works.  If we really believed God hears and answers our prayers, we would pray all the time.  If we really understood prayer, it would be the principal habit of our hearts.  It would be our first resort, not our last.  Second, prayer is hard work.  God wants us to pray.  Prayer is how we communicate with God. Prayer changes things.  If we go about solving our challenges in our own strength, we rob God of the glory He want for himself.

Prayer changes us.  Prayer breaks strongholds.  What is your prayer life like?  Is prayer a significant part of your life?  Do you sense a close, personal communion with Jesus when you pray?  Or is your prayer life more "limited" "mechanical," and "unrewarding?"

QUIET TIME.  Why is it important to have a quiet time?  A fundamental principle of our national defense policy is that we defend against capabilities, not intentions.

Each day we must re-supply ourselves for the spiritual battle.  To run out of spiritual food and strength can be "catastrophic."  How much time should you devote to a daily quiet time?  If you don't already have a quiet time, why not consider giving five minutes a day to read one chapter of the New Testament and say a prayer like the Lord's Prayer?  Later, if you want to increase the time you spend, fine.  But start with a realistic goal.  The best length of time is the one you will actually do.

Exercise from the Neck Up!!

Exercise is fundamental to living a healthy lifestyle.  This is why everyone should have a simple exercise routine that can be done at least three days a week.  The benefits to committing to an exercise routine are abundant with regards to health.  However, for most, exercise is routinely neglected or not even considered as an important part of one's day.  So, when I speak of doing Exercises from the Neck Up, many will wrinkle their foreheads on such a foreign concept even though the neck up area of your body is typically the first area seen by most people.  It only makes sense that it also should look and be in the best of shape possible, using natural exercises.  How many people have even taken the time to consider working-out from the neck up?  This was my wake-up call to consider developing a plan to help people succeed in this area.

Women and Men alike spend millions of dollars daily on cosmetics to improve those facial problems.  Also through costly cosmetic surgeries injection and gadgets that don't really work.  We offer natural remedies that helps firm your face including areas around the eyes and underneath the chin, improved eyesight and a  new mindset.  We think that by doing our exercises correctly and developing a new mindset you will see even better results without all the high cost involved.

Now that I have become consistent with using the techniques from the neck up, I have notice a few changes.  First, I have notice that the areas below my eyes use to have bags underneath it, but now I only have a few lines.  Secondly, the excess skin underneath the chin is not trumping as much but is instead more firm.  Thirdly, the area in the back of my neck no longer has rolls of fat on it, but is smoother.  Fourthly, I have always worn glasses for most of my adult life but since I have started to use the eye exercises, although still wearing glasses, my prescription has not changed in the last four years.  Finally, by learning techniques to improve my mindset, I have much more peace, joy within me and patience and love for others.

I don't consider the exercise the exercise from the neck up as a cure all to renewing your face areas, neck areas, and mindset, but only as an alternative option to help you improve those areas.  It has helped me immensely and I believe it will help you too.

The beautiful thing about the neck up exercises is that they take very little time and most of them can be done anytime and anywhere at your own leisure.

We will provide you with a step by step procedure on each exercise to make sure you do them correctly to reap the full benefit of the exercises.  In addition, we will develop your mind through specific information and techniques to increase your peace and joy.


Can your state of mind affect your health?  Can negative feelings like fear and anger make us sick?  Can positive feelings like hope and a "will to live" help make us well?  My research seems to indicate that the answer to these questions and more is "yes."

Although most people don't associate exercise with mental skills, physical activity has been shown to have positive effect on our "cognitive" functioning in both the "short" term and the "long" term.  Exercise improves "alertness" and "memory" and can help you to perform tasks at peak levels.  I have found that exercise has boosted my creativity.  And over the "long" term, research has proven that exercise can slow or possibly even "reverse" certain age related declines in our "cognitive" performance, including slowed reaction time and loss of short-term memory and "nonverbal reasoning" skills.

The message I am getting from most researchers is clear; exercise plays a critical factor in developing all the "dimensions" of wellness, not just physical health.  So remember, even a moderate exercise like walking "briskly" a few times per week significantly improves your well-being.  A lifetime of physical activity can leave you with a "healthier" body and a sharper, happier, and more "creative" mind.



Building Blocks to help you Grow Mature in Life

Wisdom is the key to developing a greater knowledge and understanding in all areas of a person's life.  By using wisdom, one can learn how to take the challenges that life has to  offer and overcome them to benefit themselves and others, allowing for a more purpose driven life and a reason for truly living.  Within the pages of Are You Ready for a New Life?  By Using Wisdom, Knowledge and a Better Understanding Approach to Life.  The book revolves around themes such as Health, Finance, and Personal and Spiritual Growth.  By examining these themes under  both a practical and spiritual lens, readers will hopefully grow in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.



Like many of us, my weight and eating habits were disastrous with no end in sight for improvement.  But like anything in life worth doing, it was time to take charge of my health and well being.  I'm not an expert by any means in the area of health but the concepts I have learned over time and implemented them, my overall health has improved remarkably.  But always remember before you make any major changes to improving your health; make sure you check with your physician.

Don't get me wrong, even though I have implemented plans to improve my health such as eating healthier and exercise, I still fall short at times.  But all you can do is get over it and get back on track.  For now, this is the only body you have and taking better care of it is very important.  We shouldn't have a problem with having better health because there is plenty of information out there that can help you, if only you are willing to take the time to search it out.  And again don't feel bad when you fall short on your health goals instead just get over it and get back on the "saddle."

The topics discussed in our health area are:  Body system functions and processes, things that can improve your health, and things we should avoid totally or at least use in extreme moderation,  in addition a couple of simple plans to improve your health.  Finally, how does God view your health, healing, and the body?


After messing up my finances for most of my adult life, time has taught me that I couldn't keep doing the things the way I had always done them.  It was time for me to make a drastic change.  I know now it is nearly impossible to reach any independence with your finances without first eliminating your debt.  Until you are able to eliminate your debt, you will be unable to benefit yourself or be able to help others.  Change will require both self discipline and a true desire to succeed.

There are many investment  strategies once you are out of debt completely and I suggest investing for the novice in investing in Mutual Funds.  They offer the best financial opportunity, safe, and the easiest to maintain.

Finally, the key to understanding God's take on our finances is by having a better understanding of stewardship.  We are merely stewards of God's property while we are on earth.  He can choose to entrust us with as much or as little as he desires, but in no case, will we ever take ownership.

Personal Growth

Where is the satisfaction of a life without true purpose?  God created us for a "purpose" in our lives and when it is all over the only things that will be remembered about us is what we did for God and others.  We must constantly challenge ourselves to become more knowledgeable everyday of our lives in order to give life real purpose.

In the Bible, the scriptures teaches us that we are made in the image of God, and we inherit from Him the desire to create, to accomplish and make things happen.  The beautiful thing about God is that He not only gives us these desires but also the means to carry them out.  Our means are our gifts or talents and our abilities that God has given us to help us accomplish his will for our lives and to help others.  How we use or misuse these abilities will determine our "quality of life."  Not the quality of accumulating things but in terms of "character," "joy" and a "lifetime of satisfaction."

Our goal is to first discover what our abilities are, then exercise them and finally use them toward good and not evil.  The secrets of the meaning and purpose for our lives are revealed as we grow in learning of God and ourselves.  In other words, through knowledge, we will see more clearly the meaning of and purpose for which we were created.

Are you setting goals for your life?  Setting goals is a benefit in proper planning for your life.  You must create a plan that reaches beyond temporary successes but leads to lifetime success.  Without lifetime goals, it will be like being on a merry-go-round without the means to get off.  You find out that a lot of your life was spent on meaningless endeavors and you are still no further along than when you began.  According to the Bible, you are glorious and wonderfully made, it would only make sense that you were here for greater things then just living.

Spiritual Growth

According to God's Holy Word we are told that every day that we are given is a blessing from him and this is the day that we should be concerned about, because tomorrow is not guaranteed.  The things that you may need to improve in your life should be incorporated in your lifestyle daily.  The new start of a new day that the Lord gives us is our chance to change and improve in those areas where we fall short.  As you continue to live life, there are many areas for spiritual growth and change.  The key is taking action and making that truth a part of your life.

Spiritual Growth, I have learned, involves three major processes.  They are hearing, learning and following.  Hearing means to absorb and accept the information about God.  Learning means to be able to understand its meaning and implications.  Following means to put into action all we have learned and understood.  They are each essential in order to have a growing relationship with God.

For those that believe, God has begun a great work in us and will continue that work in our lives until it is finished.  God's work for us began when Christ died on the cross in our place.  His work in us began when we first believed.  Now, since the Holy Spirit lives in us, it will enable us to be more like Jesus Christ every day that we live.  The process of Spiritual Growth begins for us when we accepted Jesus Christ as our "Lord" and "Savior." Our maturity develops more as we trust and grow in Him.