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Spiritual Practice: Read, Write, Listen, Sit

Mystics from all ages have talked about spiritual practice as a doorway to greater experience; a doorway that leads us to a deeper understanding of the unseen. Yet, for most of us, the idea of spiritual practice just feels like adding another burden to our already busy lives. We don't have a culture of spiritual practice, and often, we aren't even sure what that means.

Read - Upon first awakening, take five minutes to read some spiritual writing. You might chose Scripture, or a magazine like Science of Mind, Creative Thought, or Daily Word. Each of these has a daily message. You might chose a sacred text or affirmations.

Write - After your reading, move into writing. Morning Pages is a technique created by Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way, but they are not just for artists. Many people all over the world have found the benefit in her process. It is simple. Write for 5 minutes or three pages, whichever you chose, everything in your mind. Let it be stream of consciousness; it is not a story, it doesn't have to be grammatical or even make sense. A friend of mine likens it to taking out the garbage. Just get all your thoughts out on paper.

Listen - Zen Minute is a service that brings you a spiritual message on your phone. Uplifting, empowering, connecting - it is only one minute long, but will lift you for the entire day. The messages, given in a soothing woman's voice, are for everyone of every spiritual persuasion. Each message brightens your aura and raises your vibration. Lots of people let the messages go straight to voice mail so they can listen to them over and over.

Sit - Meditation sounds esoteric and gives people the willies. It sounds difficult. People often tell me they are not sure they are doing it right. So, just sit. Sit and let your thoughts go by. Sit for five minutes and breathe. Just breathe. Let your breathing slow. Let it deepen. Follow it with your mind. As your thoughts come up, notice them and let them go. Don't follow themPsychology Articles, follow your breath.


Makes Fitness a Snap

These days finding an adequate fitness environment can be quite difficult and it certainly isn't a snap. Before making a decision on just any Snap Fitness consider these 5 key factors.

1. Cost

Obviously an important factor when choosing a gym. The saying "you get what you pay for" doesn't always apply when choosing Snap Fitness area. Just because the membership is priced high doesn't mean you'll receive any better care then the places that offer a less expensive membership. However, this doesn't mean you have to shy away from those places altogether. If you are smart about it and look into your options you can often find ways to lower the cost or find Fitness areas that offer the same "bang for your buck." Also avoiding long term contract and asking about seasonal specials can sometimes reduce membership costs.

2. Cleanliness

First impressions cannot be beat. If you walk in and the gym is neat and tidy you will without doubt find yourself much more comfortable using the equipment and facilities. Trust me, nothing is more frustrating than going to the gym, finding a piece of equipment broken, notifying someone about it, and then going back in a few days for your next workout to find it is still broken. So don't feel bad about asking about how often the gym brings in maintenance people.

Some things to check for when searching Snap Fitness :

Fresh towels or spray bottles to wipe equipment down after use.

3. Equipment Variety

One of the most important things to making Fitness a Snap is to consider what equipment you will be using most often. If you plan on using an elliptical machine but the gym doesn't have those available then keep searching. You want to be sure that the gym has the ones you most often use and also offers a variety.

Some examples of the equipment to look for:


Weight Machines

Stretching Areas

Cardio Machines

4. Location

When choosing a fitness area one should always take into account where the gym is located relative to your home. If your gym is too far away, you will be less likely to go. Choosing a gym close to your work is another alternative. This may be more convenient for you, since you already have to go out of the house (or are already out from working) at least you won't have this hurdle to overcome.

5. Hours of Operation

Everyone has different needs when it comes to when they like to workout. Some enjoy early morning workouts. While others would rather wait until late into the night. Depending on your preference some gyms are open 24 hours for their members and this may be something you will want to look for. Also don't forget to inquire about Holiday hours.

So before you go off and sign a contract at the first gym you walk into, shop around a bit, ask some questions, and even ask about what kind of trial memberships are available. Often you can get a one week free pass to try out a gym before making any commitments, which is the perfect chance to see if a particular gym meets your needs.

If things are lacking, chances are there is another gym out there that isn't. After enough lookingFree Articles, you are bound to find one that will match your workout personality perfectly and make Fitness a Snap!


Visit The Place of Spiritual Importance at Ease

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Finding a Personal Fitness Trainer in UK

Most people in the UK do not take care of their fitness just
because they are not fond of gyms. Agreeing to some extent, gyms can be blamed
for their unsatisfactory approach to the fitness enthusiasts. But this does not
mean one should stop caring about his fitness or health. After all, gyms are
not the only options for staying fit.

A personal trainer can be really beneficial for similar
thinking people. Once you have decided to hire a personal trainer then you must
immediately start searching for a good one. In the UK there are several
professional trainers who can help you in achieving your fitness dreams.

However, finding a personal fitness trainer in the UK is not
as easy as it seems to be. This is because of the varying approaches and ways
of training of the fitness trainers. Therefore, you must be really careful when
hiring a personal fitness trainer.

First of all, one thing you should always remember is that
your physical trainer should be your friend and not just a trainer.

Here are a few things that you should consider when choosing
your personal physical trainer:


How To Evaluate A Fitness Gadget!

The truth is, everything looks better on TV, but you have no way of judging the quality of a machine or gadget. When you watch exercise equipment ads on TV, keep in mind the following tips:

1. If the advertisement claims that you can tone up while lying in bed reading a book, watching TV or on the phone, please pass it up. This is the catch phrase used by advertisers to sell to unsuspecting customers.

2. Beware of the phrase "guaranteed or your money back." Always look for the fine print. The manufacturers may promise that you'll lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks, if you follow the program. Incidentally, the program generally involves a low-fat diet and a more vigorous exercise program.

3. Be cautious of hard sell phrases like "three easy payments." One gadget claims to cost "Not $80! Not $60!" but "just 3 easy payments of $14.95." When you add the shipping & handling, and it costs $54.95.

4. Don't be impressed by expert endorsements. This is the oldest trick in the book. It's a sign of money behind marketing, not the quality of the product.

5. Don't pull out your credit card just because a product is not sold in stores. Matter of fact, most of these gadgets are found on store shelves, or will appear in a few weeks. The product is most generally less expensive at the store and you can have the option to test the product to see if you like it.

6. It's no big deal if a product "awarded a U.S. Patent." You could patent a dumbbell for animals if you had the right design. To get a US patent, you need an original idea, not necessarily a good one.

7. Don't believe in a tool that will enable you to build strength and lose fat simultaneously. Building muscle and losing weight are 2 separate fitness goals and require different approaches.

8. Don't be impressed persuaded by scientific terms. Product manufacturers like to use fancy phrases, many of which are not accepted by the medical community.

9. Don't believe that some new contraption is better than free weights or machines. One manufacturer claims that "with free weights or machines, getting the right form is impossible," but with its revolutionary new gadgets, "there's no way to use the gadget improperly."

10. Don't shop when you are desperate, hungry or tired. You are more likely to be 'taken in' by false advertising. Shop when you are feeling your bestHealth Fitness Articles, so you can make the right decision without being affected by the hype.


Spiritual Approach – The Ultimate Answer To Your Life

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Getting Your Family Into Fitness

Getting and staying in shape is important for you - but your workouts may be more important for your family. The reason: your  family is inexorably drawn to follow your fitness example - for good or bad. How you manage your personal fitness and nutrition has a ripple effect that spreads across your entire family. 

Your “personal ripple effect” may be one of the most powerful forces shaping your family's mental and physical future. Consider the following: 

We are products of our environment. We gravitate toward what we are repeatedly exposed to. It's a simple matter of repetition. The more we see, hear, use, or eat something the more it becomes ingrained in our psyche. In fact, social scientists believe environmental repetition may have an effect on gene expression and can literally change your biochemistry. 

The power of suggestion is strong. The power of repeated suggestion is practically unstoppable. So if you’re making poor fitness and nutrition choices at any age, it’s likely your family will be making the same choices shortly. 

“When Junior sees Dad parked in front of the tube and digging into a bag of chips, it's hard to resist the same lifestyle. And chunky Mom, plus chunky Dad, often equals chunky kids”. 

The evidence is compelling. Your example, your behavior, your habits are being absorbed by your family at warp speed. The secret is making it a blessing instead of a curse. 

It’s never too early or too late to start. In the research center,

my staff and I see the impact that consistently exposing people to a healthy lifestyle has on individuals. As people mature, they embrace exercise as a natural, fun part of their lives.  

You have the power to influence the health and fitness of every person in your family (your children, your spouse, your siblings, your parents --- and even your friends). The fitness habits you help them build will keep serving them in every area of their life. I can think of no better gift to give people than the gift of health. 

But here's the secret... 

You absolutely must lead by example. Never "tell" a person what they should do, just keep living a healthy life in a tight lean body, and  people will instinctively gravitate to you and learn from your examples. 

The process for some "hard-headed" folks might be a bit slower, but they'll come along once they see how much more fun you're having in your new body than they could ever hope to have unless they pick up the pace and learn from your example. 

So how do you do it? It’s a day-to-day process and a series of

repeated small steps that add up to awesome health habits. Every time you choose the vegetables over the chips, a walk over a drive, and an active game over T.V.Free Web Content, you’ve just made another donation to yourself and to your families lifetime health and fitness fund. 

It’s your personal ripple effect in action…


5 Ways to Celebrate Spiritual Wellness Month


Spiritual wellness can mean different things to different people however the most basic definition is a search for meaning and purpose; the values, ethics and morals that guide an individual and gives meaning and direction to their life.For most of us spiritual wellness is an evolutionary journey that grows and deepens as we do. As you think about or focus on Spiritual wellness this month define what it means to you.Use the 5 steps to help you celebrate spiritual wellness and create inner alignment1. Nurture your inner self with an everyday retreat. Take some time away from your busy schedule and create a retreat at a place where you feel peace-filled and connected to your source. This could be at the beach, the mountains or your favorite spa.   2. Create or redefine your life vision and purpose statement. A retreat is the perfect place for journaling and looking within. This may be the perfect place to create or redefine your life vision and purpose statements. We are very familiar with the importance of a vision and purpose statement for business, however, creating these statements for your life will help you bring clarity, meaning and direction to every area of your life especially your career or business.   3. Connect your vision with your heart by defining your guiding principles. Your guiding principles are the philosophy of how you live your life regardless of changes in  your goals, career or relationships. It is a barometer in which to gauge if you are on target with your actions and decision.   4. Live in harmony. Decide to live each day in harmony by aligning your vision, purpose and guiding principles with every area of your life to include your career or business.   5. Have fun. Do something that you absolutely love doing and that allows you to feel connected to your source and your life purpose.The ocean is my all-time favorite place. It feels like home to me.  I will be celebrating Spiritual Wellness month by taking a few days for a retreat by the ocean for inner reflection, writing and long walks on the beach! How will you celebrate?Source: Free Articles from

Marie Kirkland of Inner Alignment Living helps soul-inspired
entrepreneurs to live an aligned life by helping them integrate their
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Factors to Consider when choosing a Fitness Club

Convenience/Location is probably the most important consideration. If the health club you choose to join is not convenient to your home or work, how long do you think it will take before you decide to skip a couple sessions, especially in bad weather?

Price may also be a factor for you.

How much do you know about working out? If you know a lot about strength training, aerobics, flexibility, etc. you may want to join a club where you can develop your own individualized program. If you know nothing about physical fitness, it may be much better for you to join a club that offers a standardized program.

Your specific goals may also have a big influence on your choice. If you need to tone up, perhaps a Pilates class may be the answer for you. If you are trying to buff up, you may wish to join a health club that offers a strength-training program.

Where are your friends going? There’s no better motivation than working out with a friend. You may get to know some people once you join and that’s a good thing… but if you choose a place where a friend already goes, it may be easier for you to adjust. It’s a lot more fun when you feel comfortable and have someone to talk to.

What is your gender and age? There are fitness places geared toward a specific gender. For instance, “Curves” and “Ladies Workout Express” are only for women. Go to each fitness center within a reasonable driving distance of your work or home and ask them for a tour. Look at the people that are working out, are those people like you? Do you look like you would fit in with these people? “Fitting in” will also motivate you to keep going.

Time is also a consideration. Is your fitness center open during times that are convenient for your schedule?

Do you need childcare? Many fitness clubs offer childcare.

Will the staff meet your needs? If you are joining to lose weight, you may want a nutritionist on staff. Maybe you feel you need a certified personal trainer to keep you on track. Also, will there always be a staff member around to help you learn the equipment?

The fitness center may have a contract. Read this contract or ask questions about it. Some good questions to ask…
Are there any up-front fees?
What is the duration of the contract?
Is there any way to get out of the contract if I need to?
What exactly does the membership fee cover? For instance, will it cover childcare, use of the pool, locker, towels, etc.

We lead such busy lives. Finding time for yourself can be difficult. If you are a mother, wife, husband, father, or you work, then you have commitments to other people. To keep those commitments, you need to make time for your own health.

Come and visit the NutriCounter web site for more
information on how nutrition influences weight loss, diabetes, pregnancyArticle Submission,
heart disease and more!


Lucas Fitness Training

There aren't very many of us who couldn't stand to lose a few pounds or just reach a higher fitness plateau, luckily in Lucas fitness training, you have a lot of options. There are all kinds of sports and recreational activities that make getting healthier and staving off obesity much easier. It's a matter of figuring out what works for you and what you are willing to participate in.

Deciding On an Activity

You may hear from time to time, that other people wouldn't be overweight if they just got up and moved; this logic is a little flawed because if someone doesn't enjoy their exercise, they aren't going to do it. The first thing any person interested in improving their health with Lucas fitness training needs to do is think about any physical activity they enjoy doing and then find a way to do it. It may be with a personal trainer, in a gym, or on his or her own; it doesn't matter as long as they stick with their goals.

A lot of people get hung up on the theory of what exercise is and what it isn't. The simple truth is that exercise is any activity that moves the body, improves function, and makes the participant feel good. If the activity releases endorphins, then it is a worthwhile activity.

Examples of What to Choose

We have made it pretty clear that exercise can be what you want it to be, with that in mind, here are a few examples of what may work for you. Look back to childhood and think about the things you like to do, like biking, hiking, swimming, and just plain playing. All of those things can be done now as an adult and fit well into your Lucas fitness training plan.

Of course a more structured fitness plan may be better for you and there are plenty of options there as well. Try out yoga for a great stretch and lengthening muscle mass, consider joining a gym, or become a part of a sports league like softball or tennis. All of these options are great and will help you lose weight and become healthier.

In order to maintain your already good physical fitness or start a new chapter in your lifeArticle Search, it's important to find the right type of activity for you either in a gym setting or on your own. Fortunately in the world of Lucas fitness training you have all the opportunities in the world to take good care of yourself.