Advanced Fat Loss Strategies for Advanced Trainees

After a few years of training most of us get to a place where we start to look around for other options because boredom sets in or we plateau with the changes we want to see.

Some of us do well with same thing, same time every time we train. Not me. Hate it and it's boring as hell.

Some will advocate only doing this or that because it's best for a particular goal. That's referred to as specificity training. Which I agree a point.

If you're a general fitness trainee and you have no aspirations of being in your little posing trunks on stage or need to jump, run, crush, throw or eat an opponents lunch, then steal their girlfriend or boyfriend away, try these training change ups.

Giants or Monster sets

This is a huge time saver and will set you on fire when it's time to crank the intensity. This can be accomplished by blending in body weight calisthenic type movements with free weight and machine strength training. Two, three or four movements with super sets between opposing muscle groups done back to back can be challenging, for example a back and chest split. Whole body and upper/lower body splits for time conscious.

1. Dead Lifts-sumo, Bulgarian, standard

2. Push ups-dive bombers or elevated feet

3. Pull ups+ added weight hanging from belt

4. Dips+ added weight hanging from belt

5. Dumbbell row- Barbell or machine row of choice

6. Incline press-Db, BB or machine of choice

7. Pullovers- Db, BB or machine of choice

8. Pec Deck-Db or cable machine

This "Monster" can be done paired in any manor you like or just go down the line, do a set of each and repeat for required sets.

For example, pairing exercises1 and 2 with exercises 3 and 4 or exercises 1, 2 and 3 together in a tri-set will speed you through this type of workout.

Each exercise can be done for required reps and sets of your program. Typically 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps are plenty for most people.

This can be completed after warm up in one hour or less. Core conditioning can be blended in at the back end of the workout if needed.

If additional time is left over or you're at a place where you want o drop more fat quickly and you have energy left over, head over to H.I.I.T cardio for 20 minutes.

If you love to train and need variety to keep it fresh, stay posted. Stay readyBusiness Management Articles, so you don't have to get ready!


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