7 Days of a perfect Fat Loss Scenario

People often "ask how I should go about setting up my schedule to achieve the best fat loss in the shortest time possible"

This is a great question and it definitely will not apply to the majority of people out there, but you asked, so here we go.

A perfect scenario for this kind of program would be someone that may be a student or house wife or an extremely motivated individual looking to really take it up a notch.

Next, we need to really ensure the food intake is in line with your fat loss goal. To be sure this is accurate, checking body fat would be helpful. Along with, measurements of the girth of each muscle group then front, back and side photos for comparisons.

Then you can go with 30-60 minutes of cardio in the morning (preferably H.I.I.T) and a strength training workout in the evening on each of the training days. This will allow maximum recovery between each workout, will help to avoid over training and allow proper intensity in each separate component without being tired from an extra long workout session.

Next, would be either to train the whole body each day if you use the 1on, 1off strategy. With the 2 on, 1off routine you can train the upper body one day and lower body the next day. These different routines will allow 15-20 training days per month and very serious results for most people. To do more days of exercise is possible but for someone that is a "natural" exerciser, meaning no recovery enhancement through the use of anabolic supplements, this isn't advised on both counts.

Most important, along with the right duration, intensity, frequency and type while doing your cardio for fat burningScience Articles, is a progressive resistance strength training program to build more muscle each workout. This will cause the body to burn additional fat up to 36 hours in the post workout window. Next is the perfect diet.

This will include:

-Eat a meal every 2-3 hours.

-Eat some protein with every meal.

-Eat veggies or fruit (limited)with every meal.

-Eat starchy "other" carbs with post workout meal only.

-Eat some essential Fats with all meals.

-Water is the only liquid you should drink!

-Eat a variety of whole foods daily.

-Plan to eat specific meals/times.

-Every 4-6 days have higher;non-processed carbs in meal plan (cheat meal!).



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