5 Steps to Save Time with Your Workout

Do you know the 2 biggest reasons men and women stop exercising?

1) Not enough of time

2) Can't get motivation

We all have 24 hours a day to what we'd like, thing is, if working out isn't the priority then 28 hour days won't help.

So we need to start simply thinking smarter. Here are 5 ways to crunch and save workout Time.

a) Superset, tri or giant sets

This is an old school way of putting two, three or more movements back to back with minimum rest and repeating for required reps and sets. This technique can be used with opposing muscle groups or similar muscle groups to create pre exhaustion.

b) Dynamic warm ups will start a fire faster and are safer for the body.

The typical walk on the treadmill warm up is crap. It's a single straight forward plane of motion while the body has about a million other ways to move, the treadmill is a very limited and an ineffective one at best.

Grab a 5lb weight or dumbbell and use rotational twisting , forward flexion and side bending in the frontal plane types for a more complete warm up.

10 reps of 6 movements should take 5 minutes and is miles ahead of the pack on better prep and injury prevention

c) Split up workouts.

Instead of trying to do it all in one session, do 10-15 minutes in the morning, at lunch and around dinner time. Walk, jog, sprint high intensity intervals in the morning, some strength work with giant sets and stretch in the evening before bed.

d) Utilize High Intensity Interval Training fat loss cardio versus the slow, read the paper, talk to your friend next to you on the treadmill to nowhere, hoping someday I'll it get right cardio program.

Recent research suggests more weight loss when people use intervals and giant sets or circuits plus intervals/giants take half as long to do.

e) Cut the use of machine based exercises out completely

Use free weight and body weight movements exclusively either alternating between the two or with a giant set also known as circuits. These types of movements cause greater demand due to the fact they use the major muscles of the body instead of isolation of a single muscle.

In addition, the stabilizers of the body that help to balance and coordinate the body will "fire up" as wellFeature Articles, creating even more energy or fat to be burned.

The added key always in time saving is to eat your best so you don't add to your body fat levels causing the need to spend more "correction time" workouts in the gym.


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